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Do 1998 Pontiac Sunfires come equiped with a compact disc player?

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Some do if they were ordered with one. If not you can get one anywhere, dealer, ebay, Craigslist, etc.

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When was Compact Disc player created?

Compact Disc player was created in 1982.

Who invented the compact disc player?

Elwood P. Wood Invented the first compact disc player.

When was created the first compact disc player?

The first compact disc player was created in 1982. The Sony CDP-101 was the first commercialized compact disc player on the market. At the same time, Sony released over fifty compact discs.

What is G35 Infinity CD error fo?

Compact disc player error codes identify a problem with the compact disc player. A list of error codes can be obtained from the compact disc player manufacture.

Can you play an American compact disk in British compact disk player?

Yes, you can.

Why are compact disc useful?

the compact disic player was use for to storge picture

What is an another name for a CD player?

Compact Disc Player

What are Advantages of compact disk?

a CD player

What is a CD player?

A CD player is an electronic device that plays compact discs.

Meaning of CD player?

CD = Compact Disk

When was the compact disk player invented?

It Was Invented In 1982

Where was the compact disk player invented?

nashville tennessee

What year was the compact disc player invented?


Where is the CD player in the 98 Toyota Camry?

the CD player in a 98 Camry should be in the dash above your climate control cluster. If it is not there, then your Camry is not equiped with this feature.

How was the compact disk player invented?

i-pods suck so they invented compact disk players aka CD playas

Is there a CD Bose replacement for a Audi 1996 A4 Bose cassette player?

There is a compact disc Bose sound system replacement for the Bose cassette player. The compact disc player, can be mounted in the trunk of the car.

What kind of technology is a compact disk player?

obsolete technology

Can a blu ray player play compact disk?


What is the main purpose of the compact disk player?

The cd player was invented in 1965,by James Russell.

What is the compact disc player?

A compact disc, first marketed in 1983, is a sound carrier that is played by a laser beam that reads the code in the disc. A compact disc player is a machine that spins the disc, shines a laser on it, and sends the resulting electrical signal to an amplifer, which sends it to speakers.

How do you say CD player in French?

<<Lecteur de Disque Compact>>.

What do you have to put into the CD player to make it work?

A Compact Disk (CD).

What year did the Lincoln town car radio change over from a cassette player to a compact disc player?


Does a grand prix 2004 have a cassette player?

a 2004 Pontiac grand prix has a CD player not a cassette player.

Who invented the compact disk player?

the person who invented the compact disk system was James russelJames Russell invented the compact disk in 1965. James Russell was granted a total of 22 patents for various elements of his compact disk system. However, the compact disk did not become popular until it was mass manufactured by Philips in 1980.

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