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Do Aquatic frogs shed?

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Every frog has to shed it's skin once in a while and so do aquatic frogs. The shedded skin looks slimy and in most cases it is eaten by the frog in order to regain nutrients.

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How do frogs shed their skin?

frogs shed their skin by keeping it warm

Do African dwarf frogs shed?

No African Dwarf Frogs do not shed there skin.

Do frogs shed?

Yes they do shed there skin

Do frogs shed their skin?

They shed their skin then they eat it

What groups of frogs only live in water?

Aquatic frogs

What is the name for aquatic larva of frogs?


Are frogs aquatic animals?

yes boy!

Is aquatic frogs bottom eaters?

Their tadpoles are.

Can aquatic turtles live with aquatic frogs in the same tank?

I want to know this too!

How do African dwarf frogs molt?

They shed.

What kind of frogs does petsmart have?

they have land frogs and aquatic. tree frogs, fire belly toads, and that's all I know of.

Can aquatic frogs live with betta fish?


Can you put aquatic frogs with your musk turtle?

Yes you can, I do!

What is the aquatic larval stage in a frogs development?


Do dwarf African frogs go on land when there in there last stage of there lives?

No, they are fully aquatic frogs.

What frogs live with each other?

I have two mini aquatic frogs. They are very tolerant of each other.

Do frogs eat lettuce or grass?

Adult frogs are insectivorous but larvae are herbivorous that eat aquatic plants .

Do frogs and toads have gills when they are born?

Yes they do. Frogs and toads are born as tadpoles and are aquatic upon birth.

Do aquatic frogs like darkness?

yes they do a lot. please?

Can aquatic crabs shed ther skins?

They do shed their skin (shell) several times each year as they grow larger.

How many species of aquatic frogs are there?

The order Anura contains 4,810 species. 88% of the amphibian species are frogs.

Are there more land frogs or water frogs?

Most frogs live terrestrial, on land. Some are aquatic and never leave the water but are a minority. Most frogs lay their eggs in water but some do not and live completely terrestrial. They lay their eggs in moist environments and don't have an aquatic larval stage.

What is a xenopus?

Xenopus is the genus name for aquatic frogs native to Africa.

What aquatic animal will eat frogs?

Fish mainly. Also turtles.

What are xenopuses?

Frogs from the genus Xenopus are called clawed frogs because they are the only known frogs with nail-like claws. They are fully aquatic and never enter land.