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Do Arizona teen driving laws apply in California?

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no no

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Does California marriage laws apply if you where married in Arizona but live in California?

yes it does!

Do California laws apply in Jamaica?

No, because it's outside of california, and Jamaica has to apply its own laws.

Are the driving laws different in Washington Utah?

Yes, some of the driving laws are a little different than say, California or Nevada, or Arizona even. The speed limits around town are about five to ten miles slower.

Where can one find information about California drunk driving laws?

There are many places where one can find information about California drunk driving laws. One can find information about California drunk driving laws at popular on the web sources such as DMV CA and Nolo.

What is the law for dating minors in California?

There are no laws regarding dating in California. The only laws apply to sexual contact.

Do Arizona ransom laws re guarding vehicles apply to police impounded?


Where are there laws about using a cellular device while driving?


If you get a traffic ticket in Oregon and live in California which state's laws apply?

Where you live is irrelevant; the applicable laws are those where the offense was committed. In this case, it's Oregon's laws that apply.

What are the laws for maternity leave in the state of California?

How to apply for bonding time with my child ?

When teen drivers are in a state other than where the license was issued which teen driving laws apply?

As a general rule, whenever you are curious about what state laws apply, the answer will always be "the state that you are in".

Does California anti-deficiency law apply to unimproved land?

Anti-deficiency laws generally apply to the primary residence.

What are the AZ divorce laws pertaining to mexico nationals?

There aren't any laws relating divorce with Mexican nationals. If you live in Arizona, you can apply for a divorce. Nationality has nothing to do with it.

Do all the laws which apply to drinking and driving apply to taking drugs and driving?

Yes. The charge isn't "drinking and driving" - it's "driving while impaired", "driving under the influence", etc. It applies to driving while impaired by/under the influence of all substances which can impair your ability to drive, be it alcohol, prescription medications, illegal substances, etc.

What has the author Calvert Wilson written?

Calvert Wilson has written: 'Wilson's mining laws, United States, Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Mining law 'Wilson's mining laws, United States, Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada and Utah, including laws to locate oil lands' -- subject(s): Mining law 'Wilson's corporation laws' -- subject(s): Corporation law 'Wilson's mining laws, United States, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Utah, including laws relating to oil lands; annotated and with forms, 1921' -- subject(s): Mining law

Do all laws are apply to all in India?

Some international laws apply to India. All Indian national laws apply to all India. Local laws apply in certain areas.

If you live in one state but your bank is in another which state laws apply when dealing with a repossession?

Generally the laws of the state where the contract was signed take precedence. I disagree. If the car is registered in California and titled in California, and located in California, California law applies. The validity of the debt, late fees, and so on ARE determined by where the contract was signed, but California has specific laws on the procedure for repossession.

Can you go to jail for distracted driving?

That may depend on the jurisdiction where the citation was issued. State and local laws may apply.

Is there a lemon law in Arizona?

Yes! There are different standards that apply when buying a new or used car, but there are laws either way to protect the consumer.

Do the same repossession laws mandated by the State of California apply when you purchase from a private party?


Who makes the laws in Arizona?

The Arizona State legislature.

If we are getting married in Arizona but you live in California so if you get a marriage license in Arizona will it be viewed legally in California as well?

Yes. Marriage laws are recognized by all states. Otherwise when people move around they would have marry in each state every time.

Newtons 3 laws apply to soccer?

Yes, The three laws apply to everything.

How long does driving after suspension stay on your driving record?

Each state has there own laws on how long driving after suspension stays on your driving record. For example, a suspension stays on record for three years in California, but in Michigan it stays for seven years.

Which repossession laws apply when a car is purchased and registered in Nevada but the finance company is based in Arizona?

It isn't relevant as both states allow repossession of a vehicle under UCC laws (without a breach of peace).

Do all states and territories have the same blood alcohol limit for non-probationary drivers?

No. The driving status is irrelevant. Laws pertaining to driving while intoxicated are not discriminatory, they apply to all ages and all driving statuses.