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Do Asian peoples have pubic hair?

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Do Asian girls shave their pubic hair?


All Asian girls hav pubic hair?

Yes, after puberty all girls will have pubic hair.

What are tolly tots hair made of?

Dead peoples pubic hair.

Do Asian women have straight pubic hair?

Yes, they do

Can you use hair spray to remove your pubic hair?

Yes if you use a hairspray lighter combo. Works best on other peoples pubic hair though.

Why do Asian people have straight pubic hair?

Asian people like to be neat all the time.

When pubic hair grows for Asian girls?

Pubic hair grows for Asian girls around the same time it grows for Caucasians, Blacks, and all other races--- When the sex hormones increase in your body as a natural phase of sexual maturing, you will grow pubic hair. (Answer applies to males and females.)

What percent of single women shave their pubic hair?

80% of western women shave their pubic hair but only 20% of Asian shave. Hope this answer your question.

Do Asian men have straight pubic hair?

Some do some don't. Just like us.

Why is there pubic hair?

Why there is pubic hair

Can you have pubic hair on your breast?

No. You can have hair on your breasts, but pubic hair is in the pubic area of your body.

Why does pubic hair feel different then your hair on your head?

Pubic hair is much coarser than Asian or caucasian hair. For some reason, coarse hair is a little bit flat when compared to head hair. The coarseness and slightly flat shape makes it curl around some.

How do you clean pubic hair?

clean your pubic hair with soap

Womens pubic hair?

pupose of women pubic hair

Why do you have blond pubic hair not brown or black?

I have brown hair but blond pubic hair

Where is pubic hair hair located?

Pubic hair is located in the pubic region. This region surrounds the genitals in both men and women.

You are 13 half Asian 50 cm tall and have no pubic hair or body hair are you just a late bloomer?

Yes there is nothing to worry about a lot of young men don't see any curlies before then. I didn't start getting pubic hair until age 12 or 13. After that, it kept growing. Asian men tend to have less body hair than other groups.

What is a womans pubic hair called?

Its scientific name, is 'Pubic Hair'.

Does chlamydia affect your pubic hair?

Chlamydia does not affect your pubic hair.

Pubic hair or non on a woman?

yes women have pubic and even if ur blonde all pubic hair is black

Do american boys have pubic hair?

Sometimes in the gay community they'll shave their pubic hair but by and large American boys have pubic hair.

Why do pubic hair hurt after guys shave?

your facial hair is connected to your head hair and your pubic hair as you cut your facial hair your nerves in your skin tell you that your pubic hair is getting cut but is really not

Is it normal to have pubic hair between breasts?

Not quite. Pubic hair grows in the pubic region, not between breasts.

Brazilian pubic hair cut?

A Brazilian Pubic Hair Cut Is Were You Shave The Brazilian Flag In To The Pubic Region

Pubic hair grow?

No, Justin Bieber has not yet grown pubic hair.