• Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Do Beta-Mannan pills work for women with HPV?

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Does the HPV vaccine cure HPV in women?

No. It is a preventative.

Can women give hpv?

It is more likely for women to transmit HPV than men.

Can a woman with hpv have children?

Yes, women with HPV can have children. HPV does not directly affect fertility.

Does hpv start with women?

HPV does not start with just women, men carry it too. The concern is that some types of HPV cause cervical cancer.

Are males the main carriers of HPV?

No, HPV is carried equally by men and women.

Do women carry hpv?

Both men and women can transmit HPV without having symptoms. This is known as a carrier status.

Can a woman pass hpv to her man?

Men can get HPV from women. HPV is spread by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person.

Does hpv cause a women to be infertile?


Can women still have children if they have genital HPV?

Yes. HPV does not affect future fertility.

Can you work with food with hpv?

You can work with food if you have HPV. Any warts should be kept covered.

Can women spread HPV?

Both males and females can spread HPV. HPV is transmitted though skin-to-skin contact with an infected person.

How many females in the US have HPV?

HPV is the most common type of STD in the US. Over a lifetime, 80% of women will test positive for HPV.

Is there an over-the-counter HPV treatment for men?

No. There is no over-the-counter HPV treatment for either men or women.

Can a female with HPV give a male genital warts?

Yes women with HPV give men genital warts.

What causes cervical cancer in women?

HPV Virus

How many females have HPV?

More than six million women in the United States have persistent HPV infections, for which there are no cure

If you had a hysterectomy can you still get HPV?

Yes. Anybody, including men, can get Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. In women, HPV can increase your chance of cervical cancer or genital warts. The HPV vaccine "Gardasil" is highly recommended for all young women, and it may not be a bad idea for all men as well. After all, men can be carriers of HPV, and the last thing any man would want to do is to give HPV to his wife or lover.

What does hpv do?

HPV is the abbreviation for Human Papillomovirus. Some HPV types can cause cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancer among women, penile cancer among men, and anal and some oropharyngeal cancers among both men and women. Other HPV types can cause genital warts among both sexes.

Can women pass hpv to other women during sex?

Any exchange of body fluids can transmit HPV virus. So kissing in different places - with potential exchange of fluids - can be dangerous. i prefer women do not have sex with other women because it is very nasty but u can get hpv with any sex so cool it down on all sex

The infection that puts women at risk for cervical cancer?


Can women with level 2 hpv spread the disease?

Yes, they can.

Can a women with hpv trasmit oral herpes to her boyfriend?

HPV does not cause herpes and is an unrelated virus. Herpes is caused by HSV. If a woman has HPV or HSV, she could spread them to her partner during sex.

Has the hpv vaccine caused women to get cervical cancer?

There is no evidence that HPV vaccine causes cervical cancer. Because the vaccine doesn't contain live virus, it can't cause HPV disease.

Does hpv affect males?

YES HPV affects males. Thay get the warts, just a women can. They carry the virus but do NOT have symptoms of it like a female would have. Females can experience cancer and or genital herpes from HPV.

What is genital HPV?

Genital HPV is the most common viral STD. Occurs in both men and women. There are > 40 HPV types that effect the genital area of males and females. Hpv types can also infect the mouth and throat through oral sex. Since Genital HPV is a viral STD it can not be cured.