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Do Betta fish need a male and a female to mate because don't fighting fish fight each other?

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The male fishes do eat each other. It is also possible that the betta might fight and/or eat other fishes that are kinda like themselves (like fishes with long fins for example). However, it is likely for the male betta to mate if you put female betta fish with him, but I have read some where that they might just get eatten... I have also read that after they mate, it is very likely for male betta to eat female betta. In addition, after the baby bettas are born and grew a little, you HAVE to separate them from the daddy betta, unless they will get eatten.

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I would just like to tell you that male fighting fish will kill each other, but they do not eat each other. They will not harm any of your other fish, even if it is a guppy, even if they do guppys are to fast. They may chase your fish if they come to close or annoy him but they will not harm another. Generally they tend to chase fish with long flowing tails as they interpret them as another male fighting fish when they see this. When a male and female are put together the male will chase the female, if the female will not mate. The female is not threatened by the male though as she has a temperment just like the male, sometimes the male and female will not get along and there is a possibility they will need to be separated. Any fish will eat the fry even the mother so that's when breeding nets are to be put in place as it will ensure that fry have a chance of living. Yes the male will get angry with the female after they mate as she will no longer want him and he no longer needs her, so it is recommened to only put the male and female together when breeding. If you do have a big tank above two foot then they have enough room to be in the same tank.



I agree with the last post as far as being able to keep them together and they definitely don't eat each other, but even when they do want to mate, the male will chase the female and nip at her. Its part of the breeding process. He will chase her while building the bubble nest and she will become filled with eggs. When she is ready to breed she will begin to "stand on her head" (appears as though the eggs are causing her to be lighter in the back end). He will try to chase her to the bubble nest by nipping and pushing. When she is ready she will "bow" in front of him and he will "embrace" her by wrapping his body around hers and squeezing the eggs out. She will appear paralyzed while he scoops the eggs up and places them in the bubble nest. She then needs to be removed or she may eat the eggs. I breed bettas and they are facinating to watch. It is rough on the female betta and she may need treatment to prevent infection from torn fins but other then that she can survive. I breed them in a 10 gallon tank by placing a betta bowl within the tank to keep the female in while the male flares and her and starts the bubble nest. This way she takes less of a beating and when she's ready it doesn't take long for the embrace and the eggs to be tended to. I always remove the male after the eggs become wigglers so they don't get eaten. Haven't given the male the chance to try. Also if you do breed you need to separate all the males that survive when they begin to show signs of which are males and which are females because they do become aggressive at this time. The females can stay together. Good luck.

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Do male Betta fish fight with each other?

Yes male Betta fish will fight each other because they are very dominant fish, Betta's are also called Siamese fighting fish because if you put a male Betta fish in a tank with another Betta they will fight sometimes even a male and a female Betta will fight one another unless they are mating but once there babies have hatched the male will eat them unless he is moved and then he will fight the female. Betta's used to be used for entertainment as well people would raise there fish and then put them in fighting contests for money and human satisfaction.

Can betta and fighting fish go together?

They are one and the same. The Betta splendens is commonly called Fighting fish, Chinese fighting fish, Siamese fighting fish, Malaysian fighting fish and just Betta. Two males will fight to the death and a male will kill a female if she is not prepared to spawn with him. He will also kill the female after she has spawned. So the rule is only one Betta splendens to a tank.

What fish don't fight with Siamese fighting fish?

No fish will really fight a Betta,unless its another Betta(male,not female,males and females get along pretty well),so i would suggest getting a Gold Mystery Snail if you dont want your Betta fighting with your fish.

How do you choose a female betta?

the female betta fish gets along with the male betta because sometimes even both fishes may fight until one is dead.

How do stop betta fish from fighting?

Always keep betta fish in a separate tank,female bettas and male bettas will fight just like male bettas. Keep a group of 4 to 5 betta then they probably won't fight

Why do bettas fight?

bettas fight because they think the other betta is trying to take their land or female

Why is your betta not fighting?

Dont even try to make betta fish fight!

Why willl a male betta kill a female betta after they spawn?

Because the female will usually try to eat the eggs. He will fight to protect them from anything, even his mate.

Would a female and male betta fish fight?

yep they r fighting fish

Will a female betta fish kill other female betta fish?

Np, but they will bite. Yes, they will fight to the death.

What fish can harm my beloved Betta fish?

Well, if you love your Betta fish, then it should live by itself. But if you add another Betta to your current Betta fish's tank, then they will start a fight because Betta Fish are Siamese fighting fish and if one Betta is in contact of another Betta, the possible reason would be a fight between them two.

Do betta fish fight with each other?

yes, male bettas fight each other to defend their territory and fight for a female betta some times a female will fight a male but its usually very rare

Would a male and a female betta fight?


Can female Betta fish live in the same bowl together?

probably not.they are fighting fish,they might fight each other.hope this helps! *tea98*

How long do male and female bettas fight?

The female Betta does not fight a male, she simply gets bashed until she dies. A male Betta MUST NOT be kept with any other Bettas male or female.

How do Betta fish protect themselves?

They are fighting fish so the fight.

Do girl betta fight each other?

NO female bettas do not fight each other

Female betta and a male betta and they keep fhigting?

All bettas will fight each other, male or female. Always keep them separated.

Does a female and a male Betta fish fight?

They don't actually fight; the male kills the female. They can only be together when the female is ready to breed.

Do only male fighting fish fight?

yes because the female will get killed if they fought a male fish. I know someone who has two female Betta fish and they are in the same bowl i thought they would fight as a result they don't fight they play tag and other games.NEVER EVER PUT TWO MALES INTO A FISH BOWL TOGETHER AND NEVER PUT A FEMALE WITH A MALE TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY WILL KILL EACH OTHER.

How do you train a betta fighting fish to fight better fish to fight better?

Bettas are not trained to fight. They have evolved to do it naturally.

Are fighting fish fight the Oscar fish?

No. The "fighting fish" ie Betta, will only fight members of his own species. Oscars will eat Bettas.

Did female fighting fish fight?

yes allchinese fighting fish fight

Will a male and female betta attack together?

Only male Bettas fight and they will only fight with other male Bettas. A male Betta will kill the female if she will not spawn with him. He will also kill her after she has spawned if she is not removed.

What if your betta fish get in a fight?

Betta fish get in fights with fish with colorful fins and bodies. If your betta gets in a fight while your away,the weaker fish may die. But if you see your betta fight with another fish you should try to split the two fish apart [or all the fish that are fighting].