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yes they are

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Does Beyonce and Kelly Rowland have the same father?


Do Beyonce and Kelly Rowland have the same mother?

no no

Is kelly and Beyonce sisters?

yes ! mabe! but they may have the same father!

Are Shakira and Beyonce cousin's?

no, they are not. They are not cousins. But they are half-sisters. Shakira and Beyonce have the same father.

Is the back track on TobyMac's City on our knees the same as Beyonce's Halo and Kelly Clarkson's Already gone?

yes to beyonce, no to kelly clarkson.

Does RB singer Tank have a girlfriend?

Tank is dating Kelly Rowland from destiny child.(this was a rumor started on a blog site. Kelly Rowland around the same time was linked to several other people within a 6 month period.)AnswerTank and Kelly Rowland never dated. He does however have four children. Two from his first marriage and a boy and a girl the same ages (2) by two different women. The woman that he currently lives with is 22 and doesn't have children with him. They have been dating for (2) years.

Did Kelly Steal the beat to Beyonce halo song?

No the same producer that did Beyonces. Did Kellys. And Halo was suppose to go lo Leona Lewis anyway.

Does the group b5 have the same mom and dad?

dustin, bryan, patrick and kelly has the same mother and father. Carnell is their cousin

What does Beyonce mean in French?

Beyonce is called the same. Her name has no meaning in French.

Does Beyonce have the same dancers in all her new videos?

no they are not they same

What are some songs similar to Halo by Beyonce?

Already Gone- Kelly Clarkson Tattoo-Jordin Sparks Stop and stare- one republic (its the same love ballad genre) hope this helped! :)

Does Beyonce ever where the same outfit twice?

No she does not

Was Justin bieber going out with Beyonce?

no i think he would want to but she says he is too young for her and beyonce is taken. but he did go out with rihanna but its kind of the same thing with beyonce

Are Barbara Jean Blank and Barbara Jean Borden and Kelly Kelly the same person?

Barbara jean blank and kelly kelly are the same but not Barbara jean borden

Is Jay-Z cheating on Beyonce?

AnswerThe rumor is that Jay-Z is cheating on Beyonce with Rihanna.I heard the same rumor. But, you hardly see Beyonce and Jay-Z

Who does Justin biebers have a crush on?

Beyonce haha it's asked in almost every interview and the answer always stays the same...Beyonce.

Did actor jack kelly have children?

Yes, actor, Jack Kelly, best known for his role as Bart Maverick in the 1957 - 1962 TV show of the same name, did have a daughter. His "role" as a father was his favorite of all times.

Are Shakira and beyonce sisters?

No, they're not. (They're not even from the same country or of the same race.)

Did Beyonce go to school and work at the same time?

Yes she did.

Is Beyonce and Tyra Banks the same people?

No, they are different people.

Does sweet dreams by beyonce have the same beat as thriller by Michael Jackson?


When did Beyonce become Christian?

so she would be the same as her mum or dad

Was Kelly Clarkson married to Jeremy clarkson?

Kelly Clarkson has never married. Kelly and Jeremy just have the same surname, I guess.

Which female artist won the same number of Grammy Awards as Adele?


Is Katlin nxt coach is Kelly Kelly?

No, I think Kelly kelly trainee is Naomi. They are both on the same level of experts. Kaitlyns coach A.K.A Pro is Vicki Guerro