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Do Brazil import fossil fuels?


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Brazil does import material from fossil fuels, but not the fuels themselves.

brazil almost totally uses ethanol made from sugar beets

it is interesting to note, a gallon of ethanol produces about 20% more horsepower, but also has about 20% less energy per gallon.

this means a 100hp car in brazil could go 300 miles on a tank of gas, can only go 240 miles on a tank of ethanol, but with ethanol it would measure at 120hp.

so what they did was to replace the motors.. (how many cars do you see made in brazil driving on the roads here? thats right, none. ) so the car that had 100HP now only has 65HP, but on ethanol produces nearly 100 hp, so no loss. and because the motor is smaller, it gets better gas mileage and it is back to the 300 mile range per tank.

pretty cool huh!


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