Do Catholics and Mormons believe the same thing?


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Some of the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) are similar, such as their belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of the mankind, Baptism is required for salvation, women cannot be in the priesthood, and that The Bible is the word of God.

However, the churches are NOT the same and have many beliefs that are very different from one another. For example, Catholics believe in the Trinity and Nicene Creed, Mormons do not. Catholics have nuns and saints, Mormons do not. Mormons have scripture in addition to the Bible, Catholics do not. Mormons believe in modern prophets, Catholics do not.

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Catholics do not have a separate definition for life, they believe the same thing as science, a new life begins as soon as an egg is fertilized with a sperm.

No. Catholics have been baptized as members of the Roman Catholic Church. Mormons have been baptized as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While they might have some similar beliefs, they are not the same thing.

Roman Catholic AnswerNo, although different cultures, and different times have different emphasises and cultural traditions, all Catholics believe in the same thing and are united under the Holy Father in Rome.

No, Mormons and Christians are not the same thing. Mormons are a relatively small group within the much larger Christian community. This question is similar to asking if Volkswagens and cars are the same thing. Volkswagens are cars, but there are other kinds of cars, too. Likewise, Mormons are Christians, but there are many other types of Christians, too.

Well if they have different beliefs they aren't basically the same thing, right? Catholics, Mormons, and Protestant Christians do all consider themselves Christian and do all believe in Jesus Christ and in the Bible, but often their similarities stop there. The way they interpret the Bible, what they believe about who Jesus Christ is, and they way they worship, are completely different from each other.

no i do not believe so... Lutherans do things more as a symbol where as catholics do it because we believe that it truly is

yes, because all catholics believe and follow the bible.

Spanish Catholics believe the same truths as Catholics anywhere in the world. That is why the Church is called Catholic or universal. Individual countries do not have separate beliefs.

A big no. Mormons who practice plural marriage are excommunicated from the church.

YYes they are the same thing just different names

Mormons are COMPLETELY different from Catholics, and it is a separate religion. Catholics believe that Jesus is the son of God, and with the Holy Spirit and God IS God itself, so almost like a three in one, which is also why Catholics make the sign of the cross before and after prayers. Mormons also believe that Jesus is the son of God, but that the Holy Ghost, God, and Jesus are three separate beings, united in purpose. They believe that the priesthood was taken from the Earth and that it needed to be restored through Joseph Smith, which is why they have modern prophets and apostles.

the same thing everyone else does.

Jehovah is a name for God. Catholics believe in God. They just don't generally use Jehovah as a name for God, but it is the same God. So yes, you could say that Catholics believe in Jehovah.

Yes, Catholics do believe that Jesus went to hell to save them all from their sins. Not just Catholics believe this, many other forms of Christianity teach the same thing. Jesus did not descend into the actual Hell but into the 'limbo' where those who had died in a state of grace were waiting for him to die for their sins so that they could be admitted into Heaven.

Most Christian denominations, Catholics, Muslims, Orthodox Jews and Mormons oppose same sex marriage.

They don't all believe in the same thing. Do all the people in your country believe in the same thing?

of course, the same as every one else

The same things all Catholics believe in. The word "Catholic" comes from the word which means universal or according to the whole. The Catholic Church is the same the world over and through the centuries.

Roman Catholic AnswerCatholics are Christians. They can't have anything "in common" because they are the same thing.

Yes and no. Catholics are Christian, but not all Christians are Catholic. There are many branches of Christianity.

Yes, Catholics believe in God. They follow the same Bible as other Christians, along with some teachings and beliefs unique to their faith.

Mormons do not believe that Christ was born on Christmas day. However Mormons celebrate the birth of Christ on that day and enjoy the season as a time to focus on Christ and to draw closer as a family. Mormons celebrate Christmas the same as most people and strive to make Christ the focus of the season.

Your question makes little sense since the Spanish are, by and large. Catholic and believe the same basic truths as all Catholics.

Mormons educate their children in their religion just the same as Catholics, Muslims and virtually any religion in the world. The underlying practice of all these religions is to get children to believe. That is accomplished by early education in the ways of the particular church. The correct generic term may be indoctrinate.

Differences are huge. Catholics believe in Jesus, and Muslims do not. Catholics believe in the Old and New Testament, and Muslims believe in the Quoran. There is argument to be made that they came from the same culture thousands of years ago, but both have evolved to the point that they are very different.

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