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Blood transfusions are not taboo in the Catholic church. =Answer= The above poster is correct and you are thinking of Jehovah Witness.

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Q: Do Catholics believe in having blood transfusions?
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What religions don't believe in blood transfusions?

Jehovah's witnesses

Do Seventh-day Adventists believe in blood transfusions?

Yes, Seventh-day Adventists do believe in blood transfusions. You may be confusing Seventh-day Adventists with Jehovah's Witnesses, who are an entirely separate denomination.

How can aids be spread?

by having unprotected sex, blood transfusions, mother to child.

Are there any negatives to having an A negative blood type?

A drawback to having A negative blood type is that this particular blood type happens to be extremely rare, and hard to find or get blood transfusions for.

What are the christian views on blood transfusions?

Christians views on blood transfusions are that the bible does not say whether its right or not but they believe that if there are 4 blood types then maybe its suggesting that God would want us to give and receive blood to those who need it.

How many blood transfusions are there in the US per year?

approximately 5,000,000 blood transfusions happen a year in the US. If you average it out that is 13,968 blood transfusions a day!

What religion does not believe in receiving blood transfusions?

the main one being Jehovahs"s witnesses

Can a woman with blood group O have a child with a man having blood group A?

It does not matter what blood type either of you have. It only matters in blood transfusions.

When is a person at risk of HIV?

* Having unprotected sex * Blood transfusions * When a baby is in mother's womb

Which group does not allow blood transfusions because they believe that taking blood into the body is morally wrong?

The group is know as "Jehovah's Witnesses". They believe that receiving blood transfusions are the same as drinking blood, which is stickily forbidden in the old testament law and repeated in the new testament book of Acts where Gentile believers were to "they keep themselves from things offered to idols, and from blood, and from strangled, and from fornication." The problem comes down to whither or not transfusions are drinking blood or not.

What is a blood transfusions?

It is the injection of blood into a person.

What do Catholics believe bread and wine becomes?

Catholics believe that bread and wine becomes the true presence of Jesus - body and blood of Jesus.

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