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Q: Do Chinchilla need to be brushed?
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What 2 animals make a chinchilla?

A chinchilla is a species of small rodents native to South America to 'make' a chinchilla you need to breed a male chinchilla with a female chinchilla in order to make baby chinchillas .

What two animals do they breed to make a chinchilla?

A chinchilla is a species of small rodents native to South America to 'make' a chinchilla you need to breed a male chinchilla with a female chinchilla in order to make baby chinchillas

How many acres do you need if you have a chinchilla?

you need 5

Do hamsters need to be brushed?

depending on your hamster, some hamsters do need to be brushed. long haired hamsters such as teddy bear hamsters need to be brushed at least a few time a week. if they have really long hair its good to brush then everyday or every other day. on the other hand, dwarf hamsters do not need to be brushed because they have short hair but you could bush them if you wanted too.

What supplies do you need to take careof a chinchilla?

you need a cage, accessories -- food dishes, water bottles, dust, quality food, chinchilla safe chew toys, bedding, a good wheel [no pet stores have safe chinchilla wheels].

What do you need to do to maintain a chinchilla?

common sense

How many kind of chinchillas are there?

There are two species of chinchillas: the long-tailed chinchilla and the short-tailed chinchilla. That vary in color. White Chinchilla Black Chinchilla Beige Chinchilla Purple Chinchilla Brown Chinchilla Grey Chinchilla Pink White Chinchilla

What animal is a chinchilla?

a chinchilla is a chinchilla

How big of cage does a chinchilla need?

Chinchillas need a pretty big cage to walk around. You also want to make sure that all the chinchillas supplies fit in the cage,as well as the chinchilla.

What does a chinchilla need to survive in the wild?

A Chinchilla mostly needs food and water to survive and their fur helps them survive to because when its cold outside the chinchilla wraps himself in the fur to keep him warm.Thank you for choosing my answer on wonderful

What do you call a chinchilla that has not been neutered?

They don't need to be neutered

Do chinchilla need a lot of toys?

please tell me by December

What is a scientific name for a chinchilla?

Chinchilla Lanigera or Chinchilla Brevicaudata

What is the best chinchilla food?

A commercially prepared diet will give your chinchilla most of what it needs. They also need hay, for fibre. Though they don't 'need' treats, they will appreaciate things like raisins, apples, orange slices, and other fruits. I have a attached a link to some chinchilla food products from

Do chinchilla's need shots?

No they do not, how ever it would be a good idea to take your chinchilla in for a check up every now and again, just to make sure it is healthy.

Do you need a boy and girl chinchilla to get babies?

dirrrrrrrrrrr bit obvious

Do you need a license to own a chinchilla?

No, you can just buy them from a pet store.

What do you call a female chinchilla?

a chinchilla the same thing as a male chinchilla

Does a Chinchilla hava a mommy?

Yes a chinchilla has a mommy. all animals need a mom to live even though not all animals have there mother stay with them for their whole life

Are humans doing anything to endamger chinchillas?

OF COURSE. Chinchilla fur coats. chinchilla boots. Chinchilla purses. Chinchilla hats. Chinchilla gloves. Chinchilla chinchilla chinchilla. You get the picture? People poach chinchillas. Around 100 chinchillas are killed to create one coat. etc.

Can you hold a chinchilla?

I believe so but it depends on the chinchilla. DEFINITELY you CAN hold a chinchilla.

Do chinchilla's make good pets?

Yes. They make good pets because my friend has a chinchilla and she is super nice and fun to play with. Remember chinchillas are very sneaky you will need the proper cage, or your chinchilla might escape. Overall chinchillas are great pets.

Can you touch a chinchilla after its dust bath?

It is fine to touch it, but the dust comes off of it easier and it might need a dust bath sooner than usual. Touching your chinchilla after a dust bath does no harm to it.

Do cockerspaniels shed a lot?

Yes yes yes always need to be brushed

Need to have your 8lb cat groomed can you give him benadryl?

have a cat that hates to be brushed...what can i do?