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Q: Do Chinese eats ramen or stir fry noddles?
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When was stir fry invented?

The art of stir-frying was used in the early Chinese culture.

What do Chinese people cook?

mostly stir-frys.

A food you use a spatula for?

Chinese stir fry.

What can you use as a substitute for the noodles for ramen that are not packaged?

you can substitute Ramen noddles for fresh egg noddles from a local Asian restaurant or you can make your own egg noddles by doing this easy steps:Ingredients2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour1 pinch salt2 eggs, beaten1/2 cup milk1 tablespoon butterDirectionsIn a large bowl, stir together the flour and salt. Add the beaten egg, milk, and butter. Knead dough until smooth, about 5 minutes. Let rest in a covered bowl for 10 minutes.On a floured surface, roll out to 1/8 or 1/4 inch thickness. Cut into desired lengths and shapes.Allow to air dry before cooking.To cook fresh pasta, in a large pot with boiling salted water cook until al dente.

Where can I find Chinese stir fry recipes?

There are many Chinese stir fry recipes available at online recipe sites. A very popular one is called Allrecipes however there are many others to choose from. There are also cookbooks available with Chinese stir fry recipes.

Who created the stir fry?

well it oraginally came from china so the chinese created stir fry

What techniques do Chinese use when cooking?

Steaming and Stir-Fry

What is name of Chinese stir fry vegetables?

bok choi

What Chinese dish has the most vegetables?

veterinary stir-fry

What year was stir fry invented?

ancient Chinese secret

How do you say 'stir fry' in Chinese?

The Chinese word for "stir fry" is "炒." It's written the same way in Simplified and Traditional Chinese. In Hanyu Pinyin, it's pronounced "chao3." In Gwoyeu Romatzyh, it's pronounced "chao."

How do I cook a Chinese chicken?

Heat it in the pot Put indegrients Stir and mix

What is name of Chinese stir fry noodles with meat fish or vegetables?

Chow Mien

What is curry used in?

Japanse and Chinese Food Usually In Stir Fry or Rice Dishes.

How do you make Kraft dinner?

Put wter into a pot put it on the stove and wait until it boils then add the noodles wait 7-8 mins get strainer and strain the noddles then add milk and the cheese stir and then enjoy

How do you cook Chinese yam?

Chinese yam is commonly cooked in soups (such as lotus root soup) but it can also be stir-fried with vegetables or meat!

Why did the Chinese Stir fry their food and cut it in to small pieces?

The Chinese and Japanese use morsels of food so that it is easier to eat with chopsticks.

What Chinese foods have rice in them?

Stream fried rice, stir fried rice and rice wine.

What are the Chinese food preparation styles?

Stir frying is one o the Chinese food preparation styles. Other common ways to prepare Chinese food includes steaming, braising, and frying.

What is the history of Chinese food?

Vegtable rolls, fried rice, stir fries, and many kinds of soup

What are foods commonly eaten in chinese culture?

chicken duck soup rice stir-fried veg and beer

Is Chinese food high in calories?

It matters what type of Chinese food you have.

What is Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr's Favourite Food?

Chinese Prawn Stir-fry with Coriander and Noodles

What is Keira Knightley's favorite food?

Keira's favorite foods are as follows: Water chestnuts, stir fry, Chinese food.

What is the Chinese food dish twice cooked pork?

stir fry pork cabbage with sweet sour dressing on top.