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Do Chinese people believe that white is bad luck?

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Not really, but is generally considered taboo if you wear white on certain occasions. White in Chinese culture is a "sad" or a "mourning" color, almost equivalent to the color black in Western culture (i.e. the color you wear at a funeral) whereas the color red in Chinese culture is auspicious and is used in just about everything (in traditional-styled Chinese weddings the bride and groom both wear red).

2015-11-16 10:33:52
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Q: Do Chinese people believe that white is bad luck?
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What do most Chinese people believe in?

many Chinese people belive in gods, fate,luck,and sprits coming back to life Many, but not all. I believe in science and knowledge. I don't rely on gods to help me.

Is white good luck for the Chinese?

No. Red symbolized good luck and prosperity. White generally is associated with death.

What items do Chinese people think are bad luck?

There are many different superstitions that Chinese people believe bring bad luck. Many things on New Years day, like sweeping or washing your hair, are considered bad luck.Ê

What might Chinese people put above their front door to ward off bad luck?

The Chinese have many superstitions. To ward off bad luck, a white cloth is hung over the doorway to a house.

What color is the meaning of happiness and good luck in china?

The Chinese believe that red is the colour of good luck.

Why do chinese people like red?

Chinese people like the color red because they believe it represents good luck or good fortune. Red is often used everywhere in clothing, decorations, and during festivities.

What do Chinese people do for good luck on Chinese New Year?

red packes

How does a diamond bring luck to people?

It does not bring luck to anyone. I believe its just a myth that people believe in. A diamond can bring happiness but i doubt it can bring any luck.

Why is the color red considered lucky?

The color red symbolizes luck in Chinese culture. Chinese believe red will drive away evil and misfortune and brings integrity and good luck.

Why do the Irish believe in luck?

All people believe in luck in some form or other... The Irish no more or less then others.

Are white people bad luck?

No. No body is good luck or bad luck. Luck is not determined by the color of your skin.

What do the Chinese people use the Chinese dragon for?

Unlike western dragons,the Chinese dragons represent peace and fortune.And it is believed by Chinese people that they are the heir of Chinese Dragons. So they use Chinese Dragons,or Long in Chinese,for the hope of good luck in the year.

What does the color red mean for the Chinese people?

It means luck, so Chinese woman wear it when they go to their weddings.

Why do they have Chinese Lanterns?

People in China have Chinese lanterns because it let's the bad luck go away and gives them good luck, as they (meaning Chinese people who celebrate it) wrote their wishes on the lantern.Search up on this website (wiki answers) the question "Why do they have Chinese lantern festivals" and read what it says.

Who do you pray to for luck?

it gives people something to believe in

What bird doesn't give you good luck?

its a fantailmost people believe it is good luck but it has believe that if you see it someone with die

When did the Chinese people start to celebrate the moon festival?

the Chinese people started to celebrate the moon festival at the 1898. they decide that it would be fun and bring the luck to the moon. for my luck, my record is to make paper cranes

Is it bad luck or good luck for a black cat to cross your path?

Most people believe that it is bad luck.

Why do people say ''the luck of Irish''?

I am truly Irish and I think that people say "the luck of the Irish" because , they are either Irish or they believe in luck!

Why the Chinese new year people do to bring good luck?

they die and sacrafice

Why do Chinese people set off lanterns?

its to start the new year with luck

What do you do to a robin to get bad luck?

some people believe that killing a robin can cause you have bad luck

Do landybugs mean good luck?

Do you mean ladybugs? Some people believe that ladybugs do mean good luck. Superstitions like these are up to you to believe in. Usually people say that when one lands on you you are forever blessed. GOOD LUCK! <<< That means good luck :)

Does Germany believe in good luck?

Some people in Germany do some people do not.

Why do people carry a buckeye?

Some people believe buckeyes are good luck.