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Do Chris Brown have aids?

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Q: Do Chris Brown have aids?
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How did Chris Brown get Aids?

Chris Brown does not have aids.

Did Chris Brown answer the rumor about him having aids?

He doesn't have aids,but Rihanna does.chris brown do not have aids

Does Chris Brown have AIDS?

There is no indication that Chris Brown, the performer, has AIDS/HIV.

How did Chris Brown get HIV?

chris brown does not have HIV or aids at all!

Does Chris Brown have HIV or aids?

No he does not have aids or hiv.

Did Chris Brown get aids from Rihanna?

No he didnt get aids from Rihanna

How did Chris Brown actually get aids?

I don't think he has AIDS.

Does Chris Brown have aids at all?

no why wld chris brown have aids he is not depressed or sad to sleep around with the wrong type of women

Does Chris Brown have aids if so did he get them from Rihanna?


What was the issue why rihanna and Chris Brown fought?

chris brown beat her up because he was to think Rhianna had aids and if so screw chris brown its not her fault

Does Chris Brown aids?

yes, he caught them off a dog

Does Chris Brown have AIDS HIV?

he doesn't have aids.who is talking about dis thing..........

Chris Brown having aids?

i am a really big chris brown fan sorry i can not really write more about him cause i accidentently erased everything. but yes, sad to say Chris Brown does have aids. if you have every listened to one of his hit songs "gimme that" he says you think my AIDS gonnna slow me down. so yea to all of you fans out there that say he dosent he does

Why did Chris Brown beat up Rihhana?

because he has aids and was really mad at rihhana for giving them to him!

Did James Brown have aids?

No, James Brown did not have aids

What is the name of Chris Brown first CD?

Chris Brown Chris Brown

Is Chris Brown and shannon brown brothers?

No, Chris Brown and Shannon Brown are not brothers. Chris Brown does not have any brothers.

Are Shannon Brown and Chris Brown brothers?

No because Chris Brown does not have a brother.No Shannon Brown and Chris Brown are not brothers.

Who sells more records Chris Brown or rihanna?

chris brown chris brown

Where can you get Chris Brown?

No one can get Chris brown.

Is true Chris Brown died?

No, Chris Brown did not die. Chris Brown is still alive.

Who has more money Chris Brown or rihanna?

chris brown sorry rihanna

What the name of Chris Brown street?

chris brown or chris breezy.

What is Chris Brown brown real name?

Who is Chris Brown Brown?Christopher Maurice Brown brown

Is Chris Brown kin to shannon brown?

no, Chris brown does not have a brother