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I don't know if she like Rihanna now, but on Larry King she said Rihanna was like family.

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Does Chris Brown 's mom like Rihanna?

I don't know if Chris Brown's mom like her now, but on Larry King she said Rihanna was like family.

Did Chris Brown hit hiS mom?

No, Chris Brown did not hit his mom.

Does Chris Brown loves his mom?

Yes Chris Brown loves his mom.

What happened between Rihanna and Chris Brown?

TRUTHFUL ANSWER Rumors were saying that Leona Lewis and Chris Brown were together and than when Rihanna and Chris met Leona It seemed like they were flirting so that is when Rihanna got mad. Than in the car they were arguing and I forgot or something but RIhanna said something about Chris Browns mom being abused and that is when he got so angry and he just started to hit her and punch her and bite her and she cept on yelling stop. Than either he jumped out the car and ran away or he pushed rihanna out the care and drove off either way someone heard her crying and they called the police. And a hour later Chris Brown felt wrong so he turned himself in than got bailed out! And rumors say that cHris Brown and Rihanna are still dating but i believe they are just friends. Besides they be saying Chris brown is with Natiltie from girlicious!

Who is Chris Brown's mom?

Chris Brown's mom is Joyce Brown.

Does Chris Brown live with his mom?

No, Chris Brown does not live with his mom. Chris Brown said in a interview that he has a house a few houses away from his mom's house.

Does Chris Brown have a mom and dad?

Yes Chris Brown has a mom and dad. Chris Brown's mom's name is Joyce Hawkins. Chris Brown's dad's name is Clinton Brown.

What is Chris Brown mom mixed with?

Chris Brown's mom is mixed with black and white.

Who is joyce Hawkins?

chris brown mom

Who lives with Chris Brown?

mom He lives by hisself.

Who rasied Chris Brown?

his mom : Joyce Hawkins

Is Clinton brown the one who abused Chris Brown mom?

nobady knows for sure exept chris brown's family

Where is Chris Brown's Mom and Dad?

Chris Brown's mom and dad are divorced and his mom lives only a few houses down form Chris Brown's house. Chris Brown never said where his father was.

What race is Chris Brown race?

Chris' mom is black and his father is also black.

How does Chris Brown's mom laugh?

=Chris Brown is the hottest 19 boy ever=

Rihanna beat up by Chris Brown?

He beat her up because she hit him first. He got a call from a girl saying meet me later and Rihanna got mad and slapped him so he punched her in the face, like that's how he grew up his dad always abused his mom.. Also because that skank gave him herpes. If she wasnt having sex with everybody she wouldn't have herpes to give to him. shut up!!!!!!!!! yes its true chris brown bashed rihanna cause she got mad because Leona Lewis asked for a booty call its not her fault that chris brown is a dikhead just shut up all of uz!!! you don't even know o.k!!!:0

Does Chris Brown have a mom?

Yes her name is Joyce Hawkins.

Chris brown's mom full name?

Joyce Clinton Brown

Is Chris Brown related to ronika bowman?

yes becasue i am bff with ronika bowman and i met her cousin chris brown and also chris browns mom lives next store to me

Why did Chris Brown mom let him get a tattoo when he was thirteen?

Chris Brown did not get a tattoo when he was 13 years old, he got is first tattoo when he was 17 years old.

What was Chris Brown doing when he got discovered?

his mom heard him singing in the shower

Is chris brown white?

his mom is white and his dad is black mking him the both

In what song does Chris Brown tell his mom that he loves her?

i believe its thank you in his first album

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