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Do Crest White Strips work?

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Yes, they do. Anecdotal evidence: I've noticed a definite improvement, but it only lasts a few months. I asked my dentist recently about all these new strip whiteners and he said they were extremely hard on the gums! So beware! Ask your dentist before using them and you dentist can brighten you smile more safely.

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How good does the crest white strips work?

There are different opinions on how well the Crest White Strips work. These strips will work for some people in whitening up their teeth, while for others it may not work as well. According to customer reviews, the Crest White Strips have a positive reviews of working very well on whitening teeth.

Why do your teeth hurt after crest white strips?

because crest white strips suck and just brush your teeth stupid

Where can you buy crest white strips?

i got mine at kroger. they work very well.

Do you brush your teeth after you use crest white strips?

It is actually recommended that you brush your teeth after using Crest white strips. This will remove any film left on your teeth from the strips.

Can you eat with crest 3D white strips?


Does Plus 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel work better than Crest White Strips?

The 5 Minute Whitening Gel works great, but so do the Crest White Strips. It's solely a matter of preference.

Why cant children use crest white strips?

White strips are bleach, the use is not needed in children.

Who is the stunning redhead in the Crest White Strips commercial?

== ==

Who is actress in crest white strips?

Joyce Giraud

How long do you keep crest white strips on for?

You leave a strip on for about 30 minutes, unless you are using the Crest White Strips Daily Multicare - those you leave on for 5 minutes.

Where can one get a Crest White Strips coupon?

There are actually a couple of legitimate options to getting a Crest White Strips coupon on the web. These include both the Proctor & Gamble site, as well as 3D White.

Who sings in the new crest white strips commercial?

Your mom!

Can a nine year old use crest white strips?


What do crest white strips usually cost?

$20.00, average.

What happens if you fall asleep with crest white strips on?

you die

Who invented Crest 3D white strips?

Paul saigul

Which is a better buy crest white strips or rembrandt 2hr whitening kit?

I would suggest the crest white strips. Although the rembrandt whitens in 2 hrs its not THAT big of a difference especially for how painful it is. I have used both and though the crest strips take longer they whiten better

What happens if you fell asleep with crest white strips on?

your teeth dissolve.

What are the best store bought whitening strips?

Crest whitening strips definitely work the best by far

How long do you leave crest white strips on?

2 to 3 hours to whiten

Who is the short haired brunette in the crest white strips commercial?

natalia cigliuti

How long are crest white strips good for?

They should have an expiration date on the package!

Who is the actress in the crest 3d white strips Vegas commercial?

Lisa Brooks

Should you brush your teeth after using crest 3d white strips?

After using 3D Crest White Strips you should not brush your teeth right away. Follow the directions on the product for time frame for brushing the teeth.

Will crest white strips remove white spots on your teeth?

There is no guarantee. The crest white strips will certainly help whiten teeth. Some people claim having excellent results in getting rid of white spots on teeth while others do not. In general, this is a good teeth whitening solution.