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A DVD Recorder that you purchase requires no service.

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Q: Do DVR's require a service or can they be used without a service?
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What are TiVo DVRs used for and where can I purchase one?

A TiVo DVR is a digital video recorder made to be used with a TiVo service. The best place to purchase a TiVo DVR would be from the TiVo website. You can also buy these receivers online at Amazon.

Can I use my DVR with my VCR?

You may need a special adapter which depends on the manufacturer of the DVR and the inputs/outpus on your VCR, but DVRs can be used with VCRs.

What is a dvr used for?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Very simply, it is a video recorder that records data as numbers rather than an analog process. The data is recorded either on to tape or a hard disk. Many commercial DVRs use tape but domestic DVRs tend to be disk based. Digital recorders offer more reliable recording than the older analog recorders such as VHS and Betamax recorders. Although digital does not automatically mean better quality, DVRs are far superior to their older analog counterparts in terms of image quality. DVRs are used in homes to capture broadcasts for viewing at a later time or they cab be used to capture the output from video cameras and other sources.

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Can you buy a dvr for use without hd?

First off, I am assuming that by HD you mean High Definition, not Hard Drive. Yes, and you will probably pay less that you would for an HD DVR, but you may have to start looking at used machines to find one. Most new DVRs are HD-equipped.

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