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No, Disney Cruise Line ships do not have casinos aboard.

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No, but they have bars and nightclubs.

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Who owns Disney cruise ships?

The Disney Corporation owns the Disney Cruise Line and all of its ships.

Why do you need passports for the Disney Cruise Ships?

The Disney Cruise Ships travel to places outside the USA.

What are the starting costs for Disney weddings on their cruise ships?

That depends which Disney destination you choose: Cruise Ship: $3,000 Castaway Cay: $4,000

Are the safety standards for American flagged ships too high for Disney cruise ships?

No. When you board a Disney Cruise Ship, everyone gathers into the auditorium for a safety lesson similar to the ones on airplanes.

What is the difference between the Disney Dream and Disney Magic cruise ships?

The main difference between the Disney Dream and Disney Magic cruise ships are the size. The Dream can accommodate 4,000 passengers in 1,250 staterooms while the Magic can accommodate 2,700 passengers.

What is the name of the Disney Cruise ship?

Disney's Disney Cruise Line is comprised of several ships, each with her own name. The newest and largest is the Disney Dream, her sister ship being the Disney Wonder. The first was the Disney Magic, a ship fashioned after early 1920's ships.

Will Disney Cruise Line expand for a fifth ship?

Yes, Disney will expand for a 5th ship. Disney Cruise Line Cast Members will tell that Disney plans to create 6 ships in total.

Do they have any plush toys on the Disney Cruise to buy?

Yes, the have two different types of plush toys aboard the Disney Cruise ships. They have the normal, everyday Mickey and Friends, and then they have the Mickey Crew dressed up in nautical outfits.

What makes Celebrity Century cruise ships so popular?

One reason that Celebrity Century cruise ships are popular is because of their special AquaSpa. Celebrity Century cruise ships are also popular for their martini bar, Fortunes Casino, Murano Restaurant, and Michael's Club.

Do all Disney cruise ships have water slides?

Not exactly. They have different water amusements.

Are there any Disney Cruise Lines designed specifically for adults?

No, however Disney Cruise Line ships offer many activities designed specifically for adults. There are adult-only restaurants and spas. The ships overall are designed for family fun.

Which Disney cruise ship is newest?

The newest is the Disney Fantasy, launched in 2012. Currently, three new ships are being built.

Is the Mickey Mouse cruise ship bigger than the Titanic?

Yes, all the Disney cruise ships are larger than the Titanic.

When is the Disney cruise line?

The magical international Disney cruise line which vacations adults and children across the Earth's oceans, runs throughout the year and has a wide selection of ships to choose from.

Where can one find more information about Disney Cruises online?

The Magical Cruise Company Limited or Disney Cruise Line is the name of a cruise line that is a subsidiary of the ever popular Walt Disney Company. It was founded in 1996 and the cruise line owns a private island in the Bahamas called Castaway which operates as a port of call for Disney ships.

What cruise is the best Disney cruise and how much does it cost?

There are 4 cruise ships, so it depends on your personality, and the cost of things you have to pay for separately, like spa treatments.

Are the new Disney Cruise Line ships going to be updated?

Disney started to remodel and update its ships in 2013. One of the new additions is a Marvel Avengers Academy to entertain the children.

Where can I find Disney wonder deck plans?

You can try the disney cruise website (http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/ships-activities/ships/). That website would be your best bet since it is the official website.

What Cruise ships have the best ratings?

There are many Cruise Ships with high ratings and it all depends on what kind of budget you have to spend. Carnival and Disney Cruise Lines particularly stand out if you have children as the offer very comprehensive child and teen programs.

Aa meetings at Disney wonder cruise?

Look for "Friends of Bill" on the activities bulletin board, or ask a crew member. All cruise ships have meetings.

Where can you buy cheap Disney cruises?

One can buy cheap Disney cruises from the Disney Cruise website and the Mouse Savers site. The site has advice and information on searching for Disney cruises and onboard advice. Disney cruise line operates four ships which are The Disney Magic which launched in 1998, the Disney Wonder of 1999, the Disney Dream from 2011 and the Disney Fantasy which launched in 2012.

Is Disney cruise lines actually owned by Disney?

Yes. Disney cruise lines is owned by Walt Disney company. Disney cruise line is located in port canaveral Florida. The president of the cruise line is Karl Holz.

What type of resort is Disney cruise line?

The Disney Cruise Line is a cruise line paradise resort.

When was Disney Cruise Line created?

Disney Cruise Line was created in 1995.

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