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This is a highly debated question.

Here is a link for you to review. It is directly from HUD

Once the page is loaded, just search for "related field" or scroll to 2-9 G


Make sure to use both sections of the link above. This page will not allow me to post the entire link on one line. You can work as a real estate broker and loan originator IF it's with the same company. There are very few companies that have a real estate division/fha division. Otherwise, you may not be an active real estate agent while writing FHA loans

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What is the total cost and is there a difference in supervised Mort Broker and Mortgage Broker?

I think there was no difference between supervised Mort Broker and Mortgage Broker. from the following link you can get the information about total cost of Mortgage Broker

Can a mortgage broker be a realtor?


What exactly are the means to establish or renew a compass mortgage?

Compass Mortgages is a mortgage broker in West Sussex. To establish a Compass mortgage one could initially telephone the broker to find out if they might be able to arrange a mortgage. Similarly, to renew or extend a mortgage, telephone or visit the broker.

Where can I find mortgage broker training?

Capstone instutute of Mortange Finance offers mortgage broker training. I think that your best bet would also be talking to a local Mortgage Broker and seeking their advice.

Can a mortgage broker process his own mortgage application?

Yes In the US, no.

Where can one find a guide on how to become a mortgage banker?

You can find a guide on how to become a mortgage banker online at the eHow or Mortgage Broker Daily websites. Once on the websites, do a search for Mortgage Broker to find the guide.

Where can one find a good mortgage broker?

Mortgage brokers help their clients find the best lending rate when financing a mortgage. One can look in the yellow pages of the city they live in to find a mortgage broker that is right for them. A realtor will be able to suggest a good mortgage broker as well, as they often work closely together.

If your mortgage broker was not yet licensed can you get out of the mortgage you signed the broker told me this in confidentiality Michigan laws?

i was told that this would not be a legally binding contract.

How can you refinance your home for a mortgage?

In order to refinance your home, you should look for a reputable mortgage broker. Work with the broker to find a good plan to refinance you home by looking at you current mortgage.

Where can I find a reverse mortgage plan?

Talk to your mortgage broker, and get in touch with the real estate office, as well as your bank. From there, your broker will be able to provide you with this info.

How to become a mortgage broker relies on a person with what type of motivational style?

The motivational style that would best suit a mortgage broker is the goal-oriented style. This type of person reaches for goals in a direct and obvious way which would be needful for a mortgage broker.

Where can somebody buy mortgage broker software?

Capterra and Mortcare sell mortgage broker software online. Many of the larger mortgage companies also have their own software that is only available to their agents.

Going through a bank instead of a mortgage broker is the best way to get a mortgage.?

Uhm, I don't think so, For me I prefer talking to a mortgage broker than going to the bank directly . A mortgage broker can help you navigate through every stage of finding and applying for a mortgage โ€“ to get the best deal available based on your individual circumstances and needs. They have access to number of banks to get you the best deals. You might wanna check out Key Strategy Solutions.

Where can one find a discount mortgage broker?

One can find a discount mortgage broker from the following sources: Discount Mortgage Canada, A Discount Mortgage, Ratehub, Hover MTG, Charcol, Mates Rates Mortgages, Property Observer.

Where can one find an affordable mortgage broker?

You can contact boards of Realtors in your area for a current list of mortgage brokers. You can find out how many lending institutions each broker works with and what the fees are for each broker.

How do you become a qualified mortgage lender?

A mortgage lender must be licensed and work within a bank, mortgage bank, or mortgage broker.

How can one become a mortgage loan broker?

Experience in investing and banking employment would be one of the first steps one could take to secure a job as a mortgage loan broker. A mortgage broker works with the buyer and the lender so communication skills will have to be perfect.

What is a reverse mortgage broker?

A reverse mortgage broker is someone who assists to qualify homeowners to borrow money against the value of their home. The mortgage payment is deferred until the homeowner dies or the house is sold.

Is it legal to collect a finders fee from a mortgage broker?

Yes, you can collect a finders fee from a mortgage broker. Gifts and money are exchanged in this situation all the time.

Do you need a license to broker commercial loans in Pennsylvania?

you need a mortgage broker licence.T. S.

Can a mortgage broker also be a realtor?

It would usually depend on the state, but as long as there is no conflict of interest, and the realtor does not force their client to use them as the mortgage broker and visa versa, there should be no problems. An individual would have to hold a license in both fields, and meet the continuing education requirements for both fields. Check with your state for specific rules and regulations.

What is the function of a broker in the purchase of a house?

The Function of a broker, will shop and compare interest rate from different lenders and receive an origination fee for doing the loan. A mortgage broker is not a lender but arranges mortgage financing through a third party. A mortgage broker may also offer a variety of loans from a variety of investors however a mortgage broker must rely on the investor they select for the loan to underwrite, close and fund the loan's#2

What is a mortgage loan originator?

Mortgage loan originator is an institution or individual that works with borrower to complete a mortgage transaction.A mortgage originator can be a mortgage broker or mortgage banker & is the original mortgage lender.

Who is the best mortgage broker?

Selecting the best mortgage broker is dependent on where one is looking. One wants a mortgage broker who will return calls dutily, ask and answer all questions, be able to explain every part of the buying or selling process clearly so there are no mistakes down the line.

What do mortgage brokers do?

Mortgage brokers do not lend money. The have knowledge of the lending market, and guide potential buyers, who need to find a mortgage to purchase a property. The mortgage broker offers advice and recommends the most appropriate mortgage for the buyer. Advice is usually free, but the broker will take a commission from selling a mortgage, paid by the mortgage lender. Its best to seek advice from an independent broker in order that are not tied to one lender, or can only offer you a limited range of mortgage products. As well as mortgage advise, mortgage brokers will also offer other products such as insurance.