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been with two and they both did..and my friend had sex with a french guy, he had a big penis too..so can these be just good luck? dunno but from my opinnion, yes they have!

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What is the French translation for big penis?

A big penis is "un grand pénis" in French.

What is fifonafe?

The saying is that men with big feet have a big penis. But, studies have shown that penis size is not linked to feet size.

Do large men have big penises?

No not necessarily just because you are big doesn't mean you will have a big penis ;) hope I helped

Is it true what they say about men with big feet?

i wear a size 18 and i have a big penis so to me yes it true.

Does foot size relate to penis size?

Men with big feet like people to think that.

Are you gay if you get an erection when thinking about having a big penis?

No because thinking about that may lead men to think about what they could do with a bigger penis (sex etc.)

What qualities do you need to work in a gym?

you need to be hench with a big penis to satisfy the ladies/men (if you are gay)

Why does a man brag to you about his big hands?

One of the myths about men is that big hands means they have a big penis also. It's not true. There is no other physical trait that has any connection to penis size. Hands, feet, nose, overall height, nothing.

Does men with small eares have big penises?

There is no relationship between any part of the body and penis size. Even overall size does not predict how big it is.

Is an 11 inch penis to big?

for most women (and men), yup for 'all' outside the realm of porn stars

Who is more likely to have a big penis tall men or short?

Neither or either ! The size of a man has no bearing on his genitalia.

What is considored a big penis?

My penis is considered big at a whopping foot long

Why do you have a big penis?

Penis size is genetic.

Can a man be only attracted to a man that has a long and thick big penis and not be gay?

A man does not have to be gay if he is only attracted to a man that has a long and thick big penis, a man that is bisexual is also only attracted to a man that has a long and thick big penis. Since male heterosexuality is similar to male bisexuality and since male heterosexuality is the tent to male bisexuality,all heterosexual men have bisexual tendencies and are only attracted to men that have long and thick big penises.

Why do you feel that your penis is small when its not?

Men often feel this way because of society's emphathis on large penis'. Pornography shows men with larger than average penis' and men who see this feel that their penis should be the same length.

How big is a normal penuis?

31% of men is 5.51 to 6 inches. 24% of men is 6.1 to 6.50 inches. Then the rest of men have smaller penis's. Only 55% of men have a penis above 5 inches.

Y is the penis so big?

Have you ever thought that maybe just your penis is big?

Can your big penis kill a pregnancy?

There is no case recorded that big penis kill a pregnancy.

How big is a midgets penis?

Penis size varies man to man, and it is proportional to his height.

Do big men have big penises?

Some do, some don't. Would be great if it was that easy to find out but it's not. And if someone do have a big penis it often mean it doesn't get much bigger when erected. So just looking at a flaccid penis doesn't say anything about the erect size.

Is a penis that is five and a half inches long and two inches wide big?

If measured correctly, and men are notoriously bad measurers of their own penis, then it is the size of an average adult male.

If a eleven year old penis is ten centimeters is it big?

yes cause the ordinery penis is big anyway yes cause the ordinery penis is big anyway

How far does the penis go in?

Depends on how big your penis is.

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