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Yes, most gecko species make great life time pets for all ages. The initial startup cost is pricey and must be done in order to ensure the animal's health is well. Cleaning after geckos as well as maintaining them is affordable and quick. They require only an hours' worth of work a week and are able to be unattended for extended periods of time.

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Are geckos harmful?

Geckos make good pets. They are gentle and beautiful creatures. They are recommended as pets for children over the age of 8.

Do lizards make good pets?

Depends what lizards really... But Leopard geckos make GREAT pets. Hope This Helps!

Are leopard geckos poisonous?

No, leopard geckos do not carry and toxins or venom.No, not at all. Leopard geckos make great pets.

Is a leopard gecko a good pet?

Leopard geckos make great pets. They are fun to watch, and are very low maintenance. I recommend you get 2.

What are geckos special for?

for pets

What has the author Ray Pawley written?

Ray Pawley has written: 'Geckos as pets' -- subject(s): Geckos as pets

Are geckos dirty?


What do geckos as pets eat?


Do panther geckos make good pets?

I'm not very much of an expert, but I've been looking around at lizards and it turns out panther geckos are nocturnal. So, if you want a pet to handle and play with, I would get a bearded dragon.

Do albino mack snow geckos bite?

Albino Mack snow geckos are possibly the easiest geckos to have as pets. They are quite docile and rarely, if ever, bite. If they do bite, it does not hurt. They are inexpensive and great starter geckos for children's pets.

What kinds of small geckos make good pets?

well it all depends on your budget, your experience, and how involved you want to be. i wold say for begginers you should get a leopard gecko they are great pets, and even better if your a beginner.

Where can you buy house geckos?

pets at home :)

What has the author Sonia Hernandez-Divers written?

Sonia Hernandez-Divers has written: 'Geckos' -- subject(s): Geckos as pets, Juvenile literature, Pets

Are geckos legal pets in Singapore?

It is illegal but some people in sg have leopard geckos though but for 100+$

Do jaguars make good pets?

Most, if not all, wild animals do not make good pets.

Do ants make good pets?

yes ghost ants make really good pets

Do sloth make good pets?

Sloths are wild animals, and therefore do not make good pets.

Are white weasels good pets?

They make very good pets

Do salamanders make good pets?

Salamanders make great pets.

Are geckos hard pets to have?

Geckos are easy to take care of: food, water, and a warm rock under a lamp.

What small turtles make good pets?

red eared slider turtles make good pets.

Are leopard geckos good pets?

Yes. they are great for first time reptile owners! They are not good for children as are fragile and shouldn't be held lots. They aslo are nocturnal so you will only see them just before you go to bed. But most of them are lovely natured and make adorable lovley little pets.

Can geckos be great pets?

Yup! I have a friend with one and loves it!

Do European eels make good pets?

Yes, they make the best pets.

Do timber wolves make good pets?

Wolves do not make good pets. No wild animal makes a good pet and should not be kept as a pet.