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No cash or credit card only.

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Q: Do Greyhound buses take checks
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Related questions

How exactly do greyhound buses differ from regular buses?

Greyhound buses differ from school buses in many ways. A Greyhound typically has a much nicer body, reclinable seats, on board bathroom, smoother ride, more space, and even television sets.

Do they have drug dogs a greyhound bus stops?

At greyhound they do not ever search you. Although in the backroom where they take your luggage after you hand it over to them could be different. So to be safe whatever your carrying keep it with you and you will be fine. In New Mexico,el paso and Phoenix they do random checks with dogs around the luggage compartments of buses.

Where is greyhound in Victoria harbor?

There's no Greyhound buses in the HKSAR

Can you take a bus from greensboro to Texas?

Yes, Greyhound has buses that travel from Greensboro, NC to Texas.

Do greyhound buses have power outlets?

The express type buses do have 110 outlets.

Are there greyhound buses from tampa airport to treasure cay lane orlando florida?

Yes, there is a greyhound bus that will take a traveler from Tampa to Orlando, Florida. However, it will not take a traveler directly from the airport to Treasure Cay.

Are Greyhound buses safe?


What are Greyhound buses called?

Greyhounds. (???)

Where can one find the bus fares for Greyhound buses?

One can find the bus fares for Greyhound buses on the Greyhound website. If one changes their travel plans after purchasing tickets one has to pay a $20 fee.

Buses go to pembroke from Toronto?


How often do the greyhound buses run from seattle Washington to Sacramento ca?

4 buses a day

How big is a greyhound bus?

The Greyhound bus fleet is made up of several different models of buses, each with its own specs. Most buses will seat 50 to 55 peoples.

Where does Greyhound leave from in NYC?

All Greyhound buses leave from Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown Manhattan

How can you travel by bus from Scarborough to buffalo airport?

you can take greyhound buses from scarborough town centre, bus terminal to buffalo airport, NY.

What cities do Greyhound buses operate out of in the UK?

Greyhound is a fairly new arrival to the UK long distance bus scene. As such there are still a limited number of routes in operation. greyhound buses operate out of Bristol, Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Bath and run into London, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Does greyhound have dc jacks?

Some newer Greyhound buses are equipped with power jacks. You won't know till you see the bus. Other companies like Megabus and Boltbus (the latter of which is owned in part by Greyhound) do offer connections and wi-fi service on all buses.

Are there any buses that travel from Miami to West Palm?


How much for a ticket from dallas to midland on greyhound?

no buses from midland

Do greyhound buses go to Michigan Adventures?

Yes but you have to rsvp

How many hours from Orlando to Memphis on bus?

The fastest buses take 18 to 19 hours. You will need to change buses in Atlanta either way. In both cases, you will be taking Greyhound Express buses that total only five stops including the bus change in Atlanta.

How many greyhound buses from Houston to aurora Illinois?

Greyhound discontinued service to Aurora Illinois on September 7, 2011.

How much does a greyhound bus ticket cost from Johannesburg to east London?

Greyhound buses to not operate between these two locations.

How much is it from Cape town to Johannesburg using Greyhound buses?


How long does it take the Greyhound bus take to get from New York to Atlanta?

Greyhound has many different buses from New York, NY to Atlanta, Georgia. The bus ride can take anywhere from 19 hours 50 minutes, to 1 day 1 hour 15 minutes. There are routes with no transfers, to as many as 2 transfers.

Is there a train from Seattle to Vegas?

No are no direct trains and the quickest way there involves two trains and two buses. Also, it will take at least three buses to go by Greyhound. Flying or driving is probably the best way to travel between these two cities.