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Yes, all you need to do is have the Guitar Hero remote for the same system as rock band.

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Can you play a rock band game with a Guitar Hero guitar?

yes. My cousin has 3 guitars. Only one's a rock band guitar, and she plays rock band multi-player a lot.

Can a Guitar Hero guitar work for a rock band game?

On the Xbox 360 the Guitar Hero controller will work with Rock Band though without the effect switch feature. The Rock Band guitar only works with Rock Band. On the PS3 the guitars only work with their own games.

Does any Guitar Hero guitar work on any Guitar Hero game?

I believe so. Rock band guitars don't however.

Is the wireless guitar for Rock Band worth the extra money?

It depends on what you mean? If you mean is it worth buying wireless, over wired? Yes it is better to buy wireless If you mean is it worth buying a Rock band Guitar over a Guitar Hero version ? It depends on the game you have ( Being Rock Band or Guitar Hero) and the console. I have a PS3, and I would prefer a Guitar Hero Guitar over a Rock band. Its really a preference issue. A Litttle Extra : Rock band Guitars do NOT work with Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. Also, Guitar Hero Guitars do Not work with Rock Band 1, but Rock Band 1 song ( with an exception of 3 songs) and all Downloadable rock band songs and trackpacks can be imported to Rock Band 2, which supports Guitar Hero Guitars

Can you use Guitar Hero guitar on green day rock band?

Yes, you can use any "Guitar Hero" guitars on any "Rockband" game.

Do rock band guitars work for Guitar Hero Metallica?

Yes but i dont think that they work as good as guitar hero guitars. and it also depends on what game system you use. I know for sure that Rock Band equitment does work with GH:M for PS2.

Does the Guitar Hero drum set for Wii work with the Rock Band game?

The Drum set from Guitar Hero: World Tour for the Wii also works on Rock Band 2, as do the guitars.

Can you use the rock band guitar in the rock band beetles game?

If it's for the same console, Yes - you can also use Guitar Hero Guitars of you want.But a 360 Guitar won't work on Wii or Ps3 though

Does xbox 360 guitar hero 2 guitar work for rock band?

No, a Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 2 guitar would not work for Rock Band. They are completely different games, and you are not able to transfer guitars from one game to another.

Will a fender stratocaster that's not a squire work on rock band 3?

NO! I am assuming you are using a REAL guitar. Real guitars do NOT work on Rock Band 3, or any video game like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. You HAVE to use one made specially for Rock Band.

Is legends of rock game compatible with band hero guitars?

I'm familiar that you can play Band Hero with Guitar Hero guitars, I would assume as long as it the same system then it would not matter

Are Rock Band guitars compatible with Guitar Hero 3?

yes , even a 360 game will work on ps3 surprisingly..

Is the Rock Band wireless guitar controller compatible with Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s?

any guitar from any of the games will work with anything. i have world tour, gh3, gh2, rock band, rock band 2, acdc rock band, gh metallica, and aerosmith, and the guitars from all of them work for any game you want them too.

Do guitar hero games work for rock band on ps2 system Can I buy drums and mic for rock band ps2 format and rock band game and use guitar hero guitars to make PS2 rock band?

Rock Band games on PS2 only support PS2-style guitars and PS2/3 Rock Band guitars and drum kits. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and newer on PS2 support all instruments from all consoles that the games have note charts for (so no drums on GH:Aerosmith but 360 and PS3 drums work on all full-band GH games).

Can a rock band guitar work for a Guitar Hero game?

Yes, but not the drums (but a guitar hero drums will work on a rock band game)

Do Guitar Hero 5 guitar controllers for Xbox 360 work with the Rock Band 2 game for Xbox 360?

All guitars work for all games. the only thing is the guitar hero guitar with the slide feature the slide feature will not work in rock band.

Is band hero guitar compatible with legends of rock game?

I'm familiar that you can play Band Hero with Guitar Hero guitars, I would assume as long as it the same system then it would not matter

When will rock band video game release additional guitars?

The Rock Band wireless guitar is scheduled to come out 4/01/2008. I know it's a long time to wait, I too would like an additional guitar.

Can you use the game Guitar Hero with rock band?

a Guitar Hero guitar controller will work for Rock Band. You could also use the wire less Rock Band Guitar on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Can you use the rock band guitar for Guitar Hero legends of rock?

Yes. You can use the "Rock Band" guitar for any "Guitar Hero" game, and vice versa.

Does rock band 2 guitar work on rock band 3?

it depens on if the guitar and game are the same as the system

Can you play a Guitar Hero game with a Rock Band Guitar?

Unfortunately, no, a Rock Band guitar controller will not work for Guitar Hero games. However, a Guitar Hero guitar controller will work for Rock Band. You could also use the wire less Rock Band Guitar on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

How many guitars can you play in the beatles rock band?

I am not sure, but there are 3 guitars to promote the game.

What distinguishes the game Rock Band from Guitar Hero?

Guitar Hero uses only a guitar as the game controller, whereas, Rock Band introduces not only a guitar but drums and vocals as their controllers.

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