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Q: Do Hayley Williams' brothers and sisters also have the last name Williams?
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Is Hayley Williams famous?

Hayley Williams is in a band called "Paramore". They also made two songs for the new film "Twilight"

What other song does Hayley Williams sings?

hayley Williams sings the songs with her band paramore along with the song airplanes by b.ob and hayley Williams(the band paramore is also in the music video forkiss me by new found glory)

What is the middle name of Hayley Williams?

The middle name of Hayley Williams is Nicole. She is an American singer and songwriter, also, she is the lead singer of the American rock band Paramore.

Where does Hayley Williams live?

Hayley Williams owns a house in Franklin, Tennesee (outside of Nashville). She also spends time in Los Angeles, CA where her boyfriend lives.

Did Hayley Williams have a hard life when she was growing up?

Hayley Williams has ADHD, so she had a hard time in school. She also has been bullied in her first high school.

Can Hayley Williams play guitar?

Yes, she can also play keyboard and drums.

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