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Do Hindus have a honeymoon?


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December 21, 2011 6:51AM

In Hinduism, Hindus have first-night and not honeymoon. Nevertheless, if the couple are willing, they may go for a honeymoon too.

First-night or wedding night (Popularly Known as Suhag-Raat) is quite different from honeymoon.

First night is an event celebrated as a function wherein the just married couple are allowed, with celebrity, to enjoy sex in privacy. Here, privacy is created for them, the couple's cultural group makes them to enter into the created privacy and their entering into privacy is celebrated as a part of wedding, or in other words, as an epilogue of the wedding function; thus notifying the purpose of the marriage having fulfilled.

First-night is believed to warder off the evil and bring in the good; whereas making use of these good for creating strong bondage between them is the motto of honeymoon.