Do Home Depot associates get discounts on cars?

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Actually, I work for the Home Depot and I was recently told that we do at certain dealerships. If you work with the Home Depot, just ask the dealer, it wouldn't hurt to try. :) I'm not sure if there is a list of dealerships or not, but when buying a car, just ask them. Most of the time there is.
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How much does a Home Depot lumber associate make?

not enough... Home Depot hires everyone at different rates. Essentially they want to hire people at the lowest scale. They hire you as part time but give you full time hours.

How much does a Home Depot sales associate make?

the home depot is cheap and the mangers don't want to dig into their bottom line god fobid you take away from their bonus. I make $9.24 an hour how do they expect people to su

What is a freight team associate at Home Depot?

Generally freight team associates for the Home Depot will work at nights or in the evening. They will retrieve freight from the receiving department and work to pack the freig

Does Home Depot offer senior citizen discount?

No, but they offer a 10% discount to active & retired military personnel and veterans with a Veterans Photo ID from VA Medical Service. Lowes will do the same and also offers
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What is a lot associate Home Depot?

Lot associates retrieve shopping carts from cart corrals, gather up carts customers leave out on the lot, and help load customers' orders into their vehicles.
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What is Freight Team Associate at home depot?

Freight Team associates stock shelves after the store closes.That's the best time to do it because you can use lift trucks inthe store without spotters if there are no custome