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It depends upon the Megapixels in your mobile phone camera. If you want good quality photos, it is better to buy a digital camera, since pictures taken with a digital camera have more clarity, and color depth. Also features such as flash, and image stabilization work much better in a digital camera.

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A digital camera takes pictures and can usually record video too. The pictures it takes and the videos it records are stored in files. These files can be copied to a computer and later edited.

A digital camera is a camera that stores the pictures and video it takes in electronic format instead of to film.Digital camera advantagesLCD screenStoragePicture developmentSize

A person who takes pictures with a camera is called a photographer.

A video camera takes -video A camera takes- Pictures

The Kodak easy share takes great pictures and is easy on the wallet.

It is a pretty good camera, depending on which types of pictures you are planning on taking. It is not top of the line, but takes good still shoots .

digital is , in digital camera , something that stores the picture or video it takes in electronic format instead of to film.

A touch screen camera can work just as great as a digital camera. In fact, many people prefer using a touch screen camera over a digital camera. The reason using a touch screen camera can be so beneficial is because it takes very clear pictures. The touch screen camera on an iPhone also takes pictures very fast. There is no waiting around for a flash to go off with the use of a touch screen camera. A touch screen camera also allows one to transfer pictures from an iPhone to other online applications, such as Facebook. Pictures can also be easily text messaged when they are taken from a touch screen camera.

Nokia is a brand of digital camera is cheap but still takes good photos. Read more at

The camera takes digital photos of the animals on Safari. It can zoom in and out, and pan to the left and right. Getting good pictures of the 7 animals is the goal of the Safari game. (see the related questions)

I would look at brands that I have heard of, like Kodak. Also, its important to look at how many megapixels the camera takes, that determines how clear the pictures will come out.

The satellite takes pictures of the earth, and sends the photos down by radio, as a digital data-stream. Maybe kind of like the same way you send pictures to your friend's cellphone, you suppose ? press a certain button which is place fixed on the top of the camera and then you press that button and magically takes a picture for you

A Kodak easy share is cheap, easy to use and takes great pictures.

A person who takes pictures with a camera is called the camera man.

You can view the pictures before paying to have them developed. Private photos stay private. Digital media does not expire. Digital media takes much less room is less susceptible to damage than film.

Advantage:You can take a lot of photos with it.Disadvantage:If you are a person who takes a lot of photos, you will easily run out of pictures to take.

One takes only pictures - the other makes phone-calls (but may have the facility to take photos) !

The Sea & Sea 1200 HD waterproof camera was voted the best camera for underwater pictures in 2009.

The Kodak model C330 camera takes 4 megapixel pictures. That is large enough to print 11x15 sized pictures. The camera also has an all-glass lens with a 3x optical zoom and 5x advanced digital zoom.

It rather depends on the age of the camera, and whether it still takes pictures that are acceptable. As with most devices, improvements are being added to each new model, and a new camera may prove a worthwhile investment.

It may depend on whether or not your daughter wants to view the pictures she takes immediately. Disposable cameras can be had for very little, as cheap as $2 online, but you then have to wait for the pictures to develop, and pay for them as well. Digital cameras are dropping in price, and she'll get to see the pictures immediately. You may have to pay a bit more up front, but a decent digital camera can be found for $50-$80.

a 12.4 megapixel camera is very good because it takes pictures

easy!a digital takes photos, and film take a video, DAAA!