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Do I need a marriage license in Arizona?


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yes you do need a license to be legally married in Arizona

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No, you need the license from the location of the ceremony. You will have to apply in Idaho.

You have to get married in the same state in which you obtained your marriage license. But you can apply for an Arizona marriage license if that is the state in which you have decided to get married. Just because you got a marriage license in one state doesn't mean you can't change your mind and apply to get married in a different state. But when you do get married, you have to have a marriage license in the state in which you get married. The marriage license is not recorded as a "done deal" until after the wedding, so it shouldn't be a problem.

You need a license from the jurisdiction that is performing the marriage. You do not need a state license in addition to that.

Yes, you need a license for a legal same-sex marriage, just as you need a license for a legal marriage between a man and a woman.

i need a copy of my marriage licence

You need a marriage certificate from the parish. It will be issued after the marriage license has been executed and returned to the court house.

Yes you need a marriage license to get married in Illinois.

No, an Iowa marriage license is only valid in Iowa. You need a license valid in the location where the marriage is to take place.

You will always need a marriage license. It must be for the correct county in the correct state.

No, but they are related. In order to be civilly married, you need a marriage license.

You can get a marriage license at the Dallas County Courthouse. You will need to fill out a form and pay for the license.

If you have been married before you will need your divorce decree and then you will need your marriage license. You will receive a marriage certificate in the mail about 7-14 business days after you are married.

No, you must get a license for the correct county in Arkansas. The license must be issued by the county where the ceremony is to take place.

A marriage license is for when you get married. It is proof that you are married, besides the marriage rings

Arizona requires a license if it does not have pedals.

no you don't need license to ride 49 cc..

I'm not exactly sure what you mean about who can sign the license. In Arizona, you apply for your marriage license from the County Clerk's Office. If one of the applicants is a minor, you must provide a notarized parental consent form or have your parent accompany you to sign the consent form in person. In Arizona, the wedding ceremony can be performed by a Justice of the Peace, Ministers, Judges or Magistrates. After the ceremony, the marriage certificate is signed by both parties and the person performing the ceremony. I hope that your question has been answered. For information about your specific Arizona county, attached is a link to marriage license information for all of the Arizona counties.

You need a marriage certificate. A license only indicates that you intended to get married, not that you did.

You do not need to. The license and certificate will be issued by Romania.

you don't need locksmith license in state of Arizona. there is a lot of locksmiths that work without the proper tools and without the right knowledge.

To get married in Utah, you need to have a marriage license and have the marriage solemnized. You can apply for a marriage license at any county clerk's office. The license becomes effective immediately and is valid for 30 days. Both parties must apply together and show valid photo ID, such as a driver's license or state id card.

If your name is misspelled on a Texas marriage license, you will need to go to the courthouse where the license was given. They will be able to fix the mistake.

Arizona requires anyone driving a scooter on a public road to have a valid drivers license. You do not need a motorcycle endorsement.

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