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most fax machines have two plug sockets on the back, one for the phone line the other for connecting the phone. Just plug the phone into the fax machine.

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How do you hook up phone line to enable fax to work?

Connect the fax with a regular phone line to a phone jack in the wall. The type of cable is called an RJ11 cable, and it should connect both to the fax machine and to the phone outlet in the wall.

How do you use a fax machine from house phone?

You connect the fax machine to the phone line - the same type of phone line that the phone is connected to. If you want to use the same phone jack, you may need to either get a phone line splitter, or some phones have an "extension" so that another line can be added to a phone.

Where do you plug the phone line into the fax machine?

The phone line is plugged into the phone jack of the fax machine. It is called a telephone plug, and while it varies by country, the most common type is an RJ-11 jack.

How do you connect head phone on TV?

Not all TV's are capable. If it has a head phone jack then it can be connected.

How does magic jack work in house phones?

you put it in the USB port of your computer and connect the phone to the magic jack

Can you use a normal phone line to send a fax?

Yes, you can. This is the standard method of sending and receiving faxes through a fax machine. The phone line will need the appropriate telephone jack to fit into the fax machine - in most countries phones and faxes will hold the same phone jack, however there can be some challenges if using a fax machine from a foreign country.

Can I use a cat5 cable to connect to my old dial up modem?

You can have a Cat-5 line coming from another telephone jack or the Network Interface Device, but the Cat-5 line must connect to a jack, to let you connect an RJ11 phone line to the modem.

Is there a device that lets you connect to a computer using dsl from a phone jack in another room without wires?

Connect dsl line from phone jack to a Wireless Modem/Home Gateway/Wireless Router. Install a Wireless network adaptor(available USB types) in your computer in the other room and connect your computer to the Wireless modem through WLAN.

Does a phone jack connect to a Wii Lan adapter?

No, only to a broadband connection (one of those Internet boxes).

Can Magic jack connect into the internet modem?

No. The Magicjack has to plug into the USB port of a computer, and the computer has to be on for the phone to work.

When a caller uses an IP telephone?

They are using a phone based on VoIP technology. Usually the phone uses a USB instead of a normal jack to connect for calls.

How can I connect an alarm system with my phone?

The RJ31X and line seizure are the materials that are used to connect an alarm system with a phone. The RJ31X jack is used to make sure that the phone lines are connected to each other and a network interface of the alarm system. Line seizure is when the phone lines are merged externally for connectivity purposes.

How do you connect microphone to a computer?

Most computers (whether a desk-top or lap-top machine) will have a 3.5mm jack socket for a microphone input.

Why might a musical keyboard have 2 MIDI ports?

1- to connect output jack to input jack and to connect input jack to output jack Whistler

Do you need a separate phone line for a fax?

No you don't need a separate line for fax machine,you can use a multi jack and use both telephone and fax on the same jack and programme the line in such a way that if you are not picking the phone in 4 or 5 rings it goes to the fax machine. however if you want a separate number for the fax machine on the same telephone line you have a feature called I dent a call (distinctive ring)where in its a virtual number and you can select different rings for the phone and fax and the fax machine would identify if its a phone call or incoming fax.

How do you make free calls?

Plug your home phone into your phone jack on your computer. Connect to the internet and download a free phone dialer. You can call anywhere in the world for free. Must a a microphone and external volume of course.

How do you connect Internet through laptop?

ok. first if its wireless you should be able to connect by wifi (wireless internet) but if ur not trying to connect via wireless is there an ethernet port on you laptop (it looks like a phone jack but its a little bigger)

Will the telephone work well with alternative services, such as voice-over IP?

Yes. You will be able to connect any phone with a standard jack.

Is there an adapter to connect a cable modem to a standard phone jack?

An ethernet cable may look like a phone cable but it is not and would not serve any purpose to connect one to your phone line. The Cable modem has an ethernet cable as an output to a PC, router, or other device and not an input to provide internet access

Do speakers connect to a vga port?

No. VGA is for the monitor. Speakers connect to the audio output using a mini-phone plug. On most machines, both the plug and the jack into which it goes are colored light green.

Can I replace my residential phone service?

A popular alternative to traditional phone services is MagicJack. The device is a phone jack/USB port enablin you to connect a regular phone to your computer. With it, you can call anyone no matter where you are (as long as you have a computer). Another option is to use Skype it also relies on internet calling, but you don't have to buy any special device (except maybe a headset). You can call anyone in the world with these services,

Is it possible to connect notebook with tv through spdif for a sound as I use vga for video with simple jack-jack cable or is it necessary to have some special spdif cable?

OK. Allready solved the problem. As spdif cable is an optical, so laser goest thru that, it's really impossible to connect it with just some jack...

Where are the jack located in ford transit?

Where is the jack located for a transit connect

Can you connect your PS3 Ethernet cable to a phone jack?

No, while an ethernet cable plug looks like a phone jack cable plug it is actually larger. The PS3 can not be connected to the internet with dial up internet service and an ethernet cable is meant to be connected to a modem or router.

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