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Do I need the drug Zoloft?



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I was prescribed Zoloft for Anxiety Disorder several years ago. Afterwards, a friend introducted me to another approach that has solved my Anxiety issues and allowed me to be free of a approach such as Zoloft. I still remain a client. Try Nutriessentials. Are you depressed???? If your doctor has prescribed it, and you have any of the various depressive or anxiety disorders it is a very good idea to take Zoloft. Even people who prefer not to take drugs find it gives them the start they need to be able to continue on with other methods in the future. At a certain point in these illnesses, it is very hard to recover without some drug assistance to boost the brain chemicals to an acceptable level. The difference it can make to lives is worth the effort, although it will not work for everyone. The time you need to be on it varies as to how low your levels are, but it is not addictive or mind altering in the same way the old style depression medications were. Even so, you cannot stop taking it suddenly.