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Do I need to pay Canada speeding ticket with California Driver License?

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That all depends , was it your license or someone elses? Only if you ever plan on driving in Canada again should you pay.If you never plan to return to Canada don't bother paying, you will receive a summons, it will go to court and a warrent for your arrest will be issued. If you should happen to wander across the Canadian border AND get stopped AND the local constabulary run your Cali License AND find the warrent, THEN worry about it.

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Do you have to pay for a speeding citation received in British Columbia Canada if you have California driver license?

== == Yes you should pay it, if you ever want to be able to re-enter Canada.

Can you have a California driver license and a Arizona driver license at the same time?

No. One state at a time.

Will a speeding ticket in Tennessee affect your South Carolina driving license?

A speeding ticket in Tennessee can affect your South Carolina driving license. South Carolina can choose to fine the driver, or suspend their license.

Can you buy cars in California without a state driver license nor an international driver license?


Would a speeding ticket received in Georgia by a driver with a Delaware license result in points on the Delaware drivers license?


How old do you have to be to get a Driver License in California?


Get into Canada with a driver license and both cert?

To get in and out of Canada you need a Passport.

Can i drive in Washington with a California driver license?

If your California license is valid and you are not suspended or revoked in Washington, yes.

How much cots a driver license in California?


Can you finance a car in California without a driver license?


Would a speeding ticket in Arizona by a driver with Canadian drivers license result in points on a Canadian license?

Generally, yes. Only a few states report tickets to Canada. Arizona is not one of them so it will not result in points. Just be sure to pay the ticket.

Would a speeding ticket received in Florida by a driver with a Georgia drivers license result in points on the GA drivers license?

Yes, states share this information.

How much does it cost to renew driver license?

In California it costs about $28.00. In California it costs about $28.00.

How many points will a person receive if they receive a speeding ticket 22 miles per hour over the speed limit in California?

In California, the amount of points a person will get on their driver's license depends upon the offense. If the offense is a simple speeding ticket, the driver will receive one point. A reckless driving violation will result in two points.

If your driver license is suspended in California can you get one in Washington?

Almost certainly not.

What is a class III driver license in California?

A class III driver's license does not exist in the state of California. California offers class A, B, C, M1, and M2 licenses.

Can you get a Kentucky driver license and retain your California driver license?

No. Federal law states that you can only possess one licence, and it must be from your current state of residence.

What is Penalty for 2 speeding tickets under provisional license?

You get the regular points and fines for the speeding tickets, but you have to take a $100 driver safety course and restart your provisional year of driving. If you get a point carrying ticket during the new year of provisional driving, your license will be suspended. So stop speeding.

Would a speeding ticket received in Georgia by a driver with a Florida drivers license result in points on the FL drivers license?

Yes. See if you can take traffic school to get it reduced before it hits your license.

How long is a California driver license valid for drivung in pennsylvanania?

60 days

Do points from speeding ticket in New York transfer to Illinois driver license?

No! Just got 6 points.. they are not transfferable to Illinois

Can you drive in us with Canada g2 license?

yes, you can drive anywhere with Canadian driver license, its the best in the world cheers

Statute of limitations on speeding ticket in California?

Once California has issued the ticket there will not be a statute of limitations. The driver has already been given proper notice of the violation.

Can you enter Canada only using US driver license?

No, you need to have a valid passport.

What state will issue a driver license without verifying social security number?