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No, Linux and windows both work fine

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Q: Do Inspiron laptops need some type of system to work?
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What are some available Dell laptop models?

Dell offers both traditional laptops and thinner, more portable Ultrabooks. Some of their models are the Inspiron 14z Ultrabook, the Inspiron 15z Ultrabook, the Inspiron 15, the Inspiron 17 and the Inspiron 15R.

What are the best laptops out there?

Some of the top laptops out there are the Dell Inspiron and the Compaq Presario's. Another good brand that really doesn't get much recognition is the Gateway models.

What laptops run The Sims 3?

I have a dell INSPIRON 6400 and sims works perfectly on it. Even some gaming laptops from ASUS has video cards that will and can run The Sims 3!

What are some cheap laptops on the market?

Dell Inspiron, HP Pavillion, Lenovo Thinkpad, and Asus are among the best cheap laptops on the market. Sites such as eBay may have cheap laptops of different makes and models for sale.

Is the Dell Inspiron good?

The Dell Inspiron is a product line of laptops and desktops going back 11 years. It does not refer to any particular model. Like most product lines, the Dell Inspiron has had both good models and some rather poor models.

What are the best laptops for the year 2010?

Some of the top laptops from 2010 included the brands Dell, Acer, HP and Gateway. The Dell Inspiron had many great reviews from that year. This model is reasonably priced as well.

How expensive are mini laptops?

The cost of 'mini laptops' is dependent on the kind of operating system you want and the programs included. You can find some mini laptops such as the Acer, for as little as $200 on some online retailer websites.

What laptops use the Nvidia system?

There are many types and brands of laptops that can use any kind of Nvidia graphics cards. Some of the brands of laptops with Nvidia are Dell, Asus and Lenovo.

Looking for the Best Laptops Best Laptops?

Have you found the best laptops best laptops? You should not stop your search for these items until you have actually purchased one. There are some people who feel that they need to keep looking and comparison shopping for laptops until they buy an item they have been looking for.

What are the concerns about buying wholesale laptops?

There are a few concerns about purchasing wholesale laptops. Some of those concerns include making sure that those wholesale laptops have everything you need and that you should look into who the wholesaler is.

Why do laptops overheat?

Laptops will overheat when the cooling system has either not been designed properly, or has suffered some sort of malfunction, such as the fan becoming clogged or the vent obstructed.

Do laptops overheat easily?

Some laptops do overheat very easily within ten minutes. Depends on the type of laptop you have and the type of cooling system you have keeping it from overheating. Most laptops do not overheat especially ones that are higher in price.

Are Dell Inspiron 1150 still being made?

No the Dell Inspiron 1150 is not being made anymore. They have come out with different models. Some are the Inspiron 1545 or the Dell Inspiron 1525. You can still buy them though you would have to go to eBay or somewhere else.

Can a dell Inspiron 1520 run pro tools?

Some people can run pro tools on the Dell Inspiron 1520 and some have issues. It is best to contact dell support.

Dell inspiron 630m is getting hot when you use what the problem?

Some dell laptops get very warm during normal operation time especially if you a dedicated video card. Sadly you cannot do anything to fix. There are some cooling pads for laptop on market, you can use one of those.

How much do laptops range from?

Some lower-end laptops cost around $600 USD, and some high end gaming laptops can cost as much as $3000.

What are some of the retailers where one could purchase a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop?

One of the retailers that you can pick up a Dell Inspiron 6000 is Best Buy. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you select a Dell Inspiron that best fits you.

What are some of the cheapest laptops at Best Buy?

Some of the cheapest laptops at Best Buy are the ones offered through special sales and deals that they have. They have laptops from Toshiba and HP as well.

Do you need a hardware to run a labtops?

Lab tops are just tables so no. Laptops do need some form of hardware to run. A laptop is hardware.

How do you start to dj?

To start DJing, you will need to have some experience. You will need special equipment such as turntables, CD decks, mixers, laptops, and beat makers.

What types of laptops electronics are there?

Laptop itself it one system and they are always electronic. But there are different brands of Laptops, different memory, and certain differences according to what brand it is. Some examples of Laptops could be: HP Compaq Laptop, Acer Laptop, Sony Laptop, Toshiba Laptop, and etc.

Are laptops real?

Laptops are in fact real. Check out, or There, you can take a look at and buy some REAL laptops.

Do laptops have floppy drives?

Most newer laptops do not, though some older ones did.

Is a Dell laptop a operating support system of a management support system?

In general, no. However some businesses might configure laptops (of various brands, not just Dell) for this purpose.

Where can I find some cheap laptops near me?

Cheap laptops are now everywhere. With the back to school sales you can find laptops for $100-200 depending on what applications/programs you need on the computer. You can find these in stores like Target, Walmart, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, Staples, SamsClub, etc.