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they fly because they have wings they fly because they have wings they fly because they have wings they fly because they have wings

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Q: Do Japanese Dragons fly or walk?
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How are Japanese dragons similar to Chinese dragons?

they are both dragons!

Can komodo dragons fly?

No. they are not able to fly. Komodo Dragons are not like the dragons you hear or see in movies. they cannot fly. An actual flying dragon is a myth.

Are Japanese afraid of dragons?

yes they are afraid from dragons

Did dragons fly?

Mythical dragons are often drawn with wings. Actual dragons, such as the Komodo Dragon, only fly caged in the cargo hold of airplanes.

How does plakia fly?

If palkia is a dragon type then dragons can fly so he can fly!

How are Japanese Korean and Chinese dragons different?

Japanese dragon eyes squint more than Korean dragons your welcome;)

Can chinese dragons fly?


What do you call a fly that can't fly?

A walk.

Do all dragons fly?

No. There are many different categories of dragons. Some, such as the Asian and European dragons can fly. Others, such as many drakes and serpents, cannot. some people do not consider flight-less dragons to be true dragons, but DNA testing proves that they are indeed dragons.

How high can dragons fly?

Dragons can only fly so high,obviously can't fly past the stratosphere so the most they can do is 5 km in the atmosphere.

What colour are Japanese dragons?

Japanese dragons are purple and green on the outside and have black tails with white spots on the tip. they are a beautiful speciess

Can dragons fly if they don't have wings?

No. Dragons can't fly without wings, but most do have wings, and can fly. Some may have no wings, gor example the Chinese dragon, but I don't think they can fly.

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