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On a daily driver they are of little or no benefit, and are not cost effective. They provide no noticeable increase in performance or mpg. In racing applications they do improve performance. They increase air flow in the very upper rpm ranges.

It also depends on what type of K&N air filter you get, if you spend the money on a cold air intake you will get better MPG on the highway and you will get more horsepower. If you get one of their stock replacement air filters it won't be as noticeable but you will be able to keep that for the rest of the cars life and instead of replacing it you can just hose it off.

K&N filters use oil to trap particles, which relative to the size of dust particles is similar to glues. They are also reusable by cleaning them with a hose, allowing them to dry, then reapplying the filter oil. The above posters are correct in that the filters make a negligible difference with typical driving; the change in drag is the square of the change in airflow speed.

And they make you burn through more fuel, especially if you have a stock CPU and it feeds more air through the intake system the CPU needs to balance the fuel to air ratio hence using more fuel to catch the increase of air introduced into the system.

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Q: Do KN air filters work
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K&N air filters can be purchased both online and in stores. Stores such as O'Reilly Auto, K&N Store, KN Filters, Amazon, and 4 Wheel Parts all sell K&N air filters.

I have a 98ToyotaCamryV6 I want to install a kn racing airfilter I need a plastic pipe that has a square side to install the air sensor as a pipe Where can I find one Thank you?

First check with KN filters if they have any for your vehicle. If not you can always cut or drill a hole into the factory one and bolt it on.

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Dodge dealership replaced KN lifetime filter and said that he replaced 11 engines in his first year 8 of them because of KN air filters is that just BS to sell another filter?

That is a bunch of BS. It also like when they say that the K&N filter will void your warranty. It wont! Opinion: As a mechanic, i do not like k&n filters. People do not maintain them and too much dirt gets in the engine, which will damage the engine.

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You can use a Fram filter number PH6017A, a K&N filter number KN 303 - KN 303C or equal filters from other producers.

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I don't kn

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