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Do Korean and Chinese boys like girls with green eyes?


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Usually countries that have dark skinned people love the blue-eyed (or green-eyed) blondes simply because it's different. Chinese and Korean boys fall in love like anyone else and if the girl he loves doesn't have blonde hair and green eyes and has black or brown hair (even a redhead)and blue or brown eyes it really doesn't matter. Marcy


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girls: 오빠 (oppa) boys: 형 (hyeong)

It doesn't matter to a Korean or Chinese boy whether the girl they are interested in or love is white or brown. However, in these two cultures (even Westernized) the parents prefer that the boys in the family marry into their own race. It totally depends on how the culture has been upheld even if they live in the U.S. or Canada. If you care about someone that is Korean or Chinese get to know them and either way you will get your answer. It depends on the families of these two cultures.

They prefer boys because of successful procreation.

Chinese boys are more valued because they can do labor, jobs, and other things the girls in China can't do.

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Chinese boys like girls just like any other boy would like a girl. There is no difference. Be prepared though if you aren't Chinese, because Chinese families, no matter how Westernized they are, prefer their sons to date Chinese girls. They are noted for sticking to their customs very strictly. Marcy

There are many Chinese names for girls and boys. Some of these include Sadia, Laniece, Naku, as well as Vikram.

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Boys. Since the Chinese are only allowed one child, they prefer to have a boy to carry on the family name.

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Males are the ones in Chinese culture who take care of their parents. Therefore, the Chinese prefer to have boys so they know they'll have somebody to take care of them in old age.

Just a natural attraction. Some boys love girls Some girls love boys Sometimes boys love boys And Sometimes girls love girls personal preferences

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That's because they believe that only boys can passed on the generation and girls will eventually married into other families and help them to passed on the generation. When boys get married and they have a child, the child will follow his own family name, however, when girls get married and have a child, the child will follow her husband's family name. In order to continue to have descendants of their own family name, the Chinese believe only boys can do so and thus prefer boys compared to girls. Another reason is that the Chinese believe that the girls are only trained to marry into other families and will not be able to be of help to earn money for the family and thus thought of them as tools to give birth to descendants. However, now in the 21st century, there are fewer Chinese think like that, in fact, many prefers girls over boys. The difference in western countries and eastern countries is that their point of view are different and this case of preferring boys compared to girls is just one of the example.

The number of children in the average American family has dropped from 2.5 to 1.3. On average there are more boys in an American family than girls. In 2002 about 95,000 more boys were born than girls. The mother's age may influence this phenomenon: older mothers about 40 have fewer boys than girls. Teen mothers experience the opposite. Chinese mothers have the highest ratio of boys to girls.

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