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A computer virus is not fussy, it will infect a Mac if it is not protected, you need to install antivirus software.


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There are plenty of good antivirus software programs for a Mac. However, the best antivirus software programs for a Mac in 2013 belongs to Kromtech MacKeeper.

No antivirus does not come with Mac. You can purchase the antivirus software with your Mac but because Macs are less likely to get virus the antivirus software is not really needed but can be purchased to be safer or backup your computer.

Being based on the Unix operating system Mac OS X comes with built in security. Macs do not need the kind of security software that a computer running the Windows operating system requires. Yes, its right that Mac system come with security software, some times if you need antivirus then you can install avast! Free Antivirus for Mac and Bitdefender Antivirus and make your mac system secure.

There are many places where one can purchase Norton Antivirus for the Mac. This includes the Norton Antivirus online store, as well as a local computing retailer.

i think you can only get apple one care for a mac Most sources of Mac info suggest NOT using McAfee. It has been very troublesome. If you feel you need an antivirus client, look for the free ClamX.

There are about 3 antivirus software for Macs that are good. These software include iAntiVirus, ClamXav, and the Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition. These are the 3 top rated antiviruses.

Yes, a Mac needs Anti-Virus Protection Software to protect your Mac against phishing, adware, spyware and from picking up any debris while you are browsing the Internet.

The best antivirus software for the Mac is The Mac Antivirus. These computers, The Macs, aren't as virus safe as people want to claim however they require a few anti-virus items.

Viruses will attack the Windows operating system wherever it is installed. If your Mac has Windows installed and it is connecting to the Internet then you should use anti-virus software.

There are many great antivirus software programs that are available for Mac computers. Some of these antivirus programs are Avast!, Sophos and ClamXav.

Smart-phones technically do not need antivirus. You can install it if you need it.

No, your Xbox cannot get a virus. So, no need for antivirus.

There are several sites that allow consumers to download antivirus software for Mac computers. These sites include CNET, Sophos, Avast, Avira, iAntivirus, Comodo, and Kaspersky.

There are no viruses that attack Mac OS X so antivirus software is not needed unless you are running the Windows operating system on a Mac then you will need suitable protection against the thousands of viruses that attack the Windows operating system.

If one has a Mac and is looking for free antivirus software they can find dozens of free software at online sites such as Avast, Sophos, ClamXav, Comodo, Avira and many other online websites.

Both McAfee and Norton provide antivirus software for Mac.

There is no need of any Anti-virus software program for iPad or any Mac Product as they don't get any virus threat or any harm from trojan or malware.

You can download a free antivirus for a PC such as AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials or Comodo Internet Security. If you have a mac Sophos Anti-virus, Comodo AntiVirus for Mac and PC Tools iAntiVirus.

The recent Mac Defender incident proved that Mac's are not that secure as it was before. If you want you can purchase a Mac antivirus from Kaspersky, Symantec. ESET or F-secure.

There are several anti-virus software programs available for the Mac. Norton AntiVirus is an example of a program that removes Trojans, viruses, and other harmful programs from your Mac. Additionally,Kaspersky "Security for Mac" is a well-known program that offers great protection. McAfee also offers email scanning for viruses and threats.

A Samsung Galaxy 10 does not need to have an antivirus software put on it. It is not necessary for mobile devices to have antivirus programs put on them.

yes we need to install antivirus apart from windows defender

It is not necessary. but it is recommended. Some people that do not have antivirus software say that they have absolutely no problems. Norton is a very popular brand, if you plan on getting it.

Some features of Chrome need an antivirus. Some features need firewall access to open the application.

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