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Do Nelly like kelly rowland?

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Nelly and Kelly were always good friends. They had known each other for a long time, but he was already dating Ashanti, but they hadn't let people know about their relationship yet. But she picked him as one of the guys when Destiny's Child was performing the song "Cater 2 U" they have good chemistry.

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Do kelly rowland like Nelly?

Only Kelly Rowland knows.

Are Nelly and Kelly Rowland Dating?


Who does Kelly Rowland date?


Are Nelly and kelly rowland?

yes they are

Is Kelly Rowland and Nelly married?


Is Nelly and Kelly Rowland married?


Who do kelly rowland go wtih?

kelly go with nelly

Are Nelly and kelly rowland married?


Did Nelly date kelly rowland?


Who sang dilemma with Nelly?

Kelly Rowland.

Is Nelly and kelly rowland still dating?

I dunno why would i

Is Nelly currently dating Kelly Rowland?

No they just friends

Did Kelly Rowland and Nelly ever get together?

Kelly and Nelly are best friends, they've been knowing each other for a while. Kelly Rowland was dating some basketball player at the time, and Nelly was already talking to Ashanti, but they just werent' dating yet.

Did Nelly and kelly ever date?

Kelly Rowland and Nelly dated because if you go to youtube and that song (gone) you would have your answer

Is Nelly getting married to Kelly Rowland?

no because hes mairred to Ashanti

Does kelly rowland like Nelly?

no because she liked Roy Williams but they did not get far in life so theyu broke up.

What song was released on october 20 2002?

Nelly - Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland

Is Nelly rowland and kelly rowland brother and sisters?

Yes they are except they are not birth sibling's . kelly's mother is married to nelly's dad

Does Nelly have a crush on Kelly Rowland?

no he dates Ashanti and Ashanti only they're a cute couple him and kelly are just friends

What is the song where a girl sings to the guy about her love for him its a duet and its like 2 or 3 years old please help?

Nelly ft Kelly Rowland- Dilemma

When was Like This - Kelly Rowland song - created?

Like This - Kelly Rowland song - was created on 2007-03-13.

Do Nelly like kelly?


What is kelly rowland child name?

Kelly rowland :)

Who is kelly rowland married to?

Currently Kelly Rowland is not married.

Is Kelly Rowland a Soprano?

Kelly Rowland is a Spinto Soprano