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I guess they do. The original DS has pretty much the same shape as the DS Lite. It might look odd though.

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Q: Do Nintendo DS Lite Skins fit Nintendo DS?
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Do DS lite games fit the original DS?

Yes, you can use ds lite games in the original Nintendo ds. They are not making new specialized games for the Nintendo ds lite. they are still making games that fit both the original DS and the Nintendo DS Lite.

Do ds lite skins fit on ds?

hell no

Where can one find skins for a Nintendo DS Lite?

Locally, you may be able to find skins at your nearest Gamestop or BestBuy. You can also purchase Nintendo DS Lite skins at websites such as Amazon, DecalGirl, GelaSkins, and Unique Skins.

Can a Nintendo DS lite fit into a Nintendo DS case?

Yes, it can since the Nintendo DS lite is slightly smaller than the original DS

Will a Nintendo 3DS fit in a Nintendo DS lite case?

Yes the 3DS and DS lite are the same size

Does Nintendo ds games fit Nintendo lite?

yes they do

Does a Nintendo DSi fit in a Nintendo ds lite case?

no u cant a dsi cant fit in a ds case i tried a dsi is bigger than a ds

Does the Nintendo DS charger fit the Nintendo DS Lite input?

Sorry to say but the other charger can't fit into the other system.

Can you play Nintendo DS games on the Nintendo DS Lite?

yes you can play Nintendo ds games on the Nintendo ds lite

Can you play Nintendo DS lite games on a Nintendo DS i?

Yes you can play Nintendo DS games on a Nintendo ds lite.

Can the Nintendo DS play against the Nintendo DS Lite?

Yes, the original Nintendo DS can play with the Nintendo DS Lite.

Where can one find skins for the DS Lite?

Skins for the DS Lite can be bought in almost every shop that sells the DS lite. Ebay is the most popular site to buy skins, people all over the world can sell their DS Lite skins on Ebay.

Who is the creator of the Nintendo DS lite?

The creator of Nintendo DS Lite is the company Nintendo.

Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite?

I would recomend a Nintendo DS lite but normal Nintendo ds's are cheaper

Does a Nintendo ds lite charger fit the Nintendo DSi?

No, the DSi has its own, separate charger.

Is a Nintendo DS better than a Nintendo DS Lite?

No, the lite is better.

When was Nintendo DS Lite created?

Nintendo DS Lite was created in 2006.

What is the difference between a ds lite and a Nintendo Ds lite?

as far as I understand it is the same thing. ds lite is the short way of saying Nintendo ds lite.

Can the Nintendo ds play Nintendo ds lite games?

There is no such thing as a game made specifically for the DS lite. So there are no 'DS lite' games.

Does a Nintendo ds charge in a Nintendo ds lite charger?

No, the original DS and the lite have different chargers.

How can you tell if a game is for Nintendo DS lite or for a Nintendo DS?

Nintendo DS and DS Lite are exactly the same except with a few different features on the actual console. A DS game will work on Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi as they are all the same platform.

How do you put music on your Nintendo DS Lite?

How do you put music on your Nintendo ds lite

Where can you get a cheap Nintendo DS Lite?

You can find a cheap Nintendo DS Lite on Craiglist.

Is the lime green a DS or a DS lite?

It is a Nintendo Ds Lite

Can the Nintendo DS lite play Nintendo DSi games?

Yes, the original Nintendo DS as well as the Nintendo DS lite can play NDSi games.