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The necklaces supposedly balance the ions in your body and reduce fatigue. However, fatigue is not caused by an imbalance of ions, and the necklaces are not FDA approved.

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How does an insect's heart beat?

How does an insects heart beat How does an insects heart beat How does an insects heart beat How does an insects heart beat

Can you feel a heart beat at 8 weeks?

You will not be able to feel a heart beat, but a heart beat can be detected. Usually at around 5 weeks a heart beat can be heard.

How many times the heart beat for a second?

How many times the heart beat for a second How many times the heart beat for a second

What is heart beat?

a heart beat is your heart pumping blood through your body and back in. your heart can do this less a minute.

What is slow heart beat?

when your asleep your heart beat slows down

Are there people with no heart beat?

yes there are ppl with no heart beat and their dead

When was The Beat of Your Heart created?

The Beat of Your Heart was created in 2008-02.

Does a frog have a slow heart beat?

i think it does have a slow heart beat!

Which valve controls the heartbeat?

Valves have nothing to do with heart beat The pacemaker of the heart controls the heart beat

Can your heart skip a beat?

Your heart can skip a beat, usually for a reason though

What is the contractual phase of the heart beat?

The contractive phase of the heart beat is systole.

Does your heart beat in a coma?

Yes, when you are in a coma you're heart continues to beat.

When was Beat of My Heart created?

Beat of My Heart was created on 2005-12-12.

When was Heart Beat Records created?

Heart Beat Records was created in 1981.

When was The Beat of My Heart created?

The Beat of My Heart was created on 1957-06-27.

The heart muscle between each beat?

The heart is a muscle that pumps blood. These pumps are the beat. Between each beat, the heart muscle rests.

What part of the heart beat makes the heart beat sound?

The values in the heart. The "lub-dub" sound is from them closing.

What is medical term for slow heart beat?

Bradycardia - A slow heart beat is a heart rate that is below normal.

Why will your heart beat faster after you run?

Your heart will beat faster because when you run you are forcing your heart to work faster

Why does skipping increase the pulse rate?

The heart beat increases because of the exercise. Exercise increases the heart beat. Any exercise increases the heart beat.

What color makes the heart beat fastest?

Black make your heart beat slower....

How do you listen to the Heart Beat?

Place a stethoscope on your chest where you can feel the heart beat and you will hear it.

What controles your heart beat and breathing?

medulla oblongata controls heart beat and breathing..

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