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Podiatrists treat conditions related to the leg, inlcuding feet, ankles, and arch problems. Podiatrists are medical doctors, so they can discuss various issues with you, however their specialty is the the leg.

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Q: Do Podiatrists only specialize in feet or do they also treat ankles?
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Is a chiropodist a doctor?

Yes. Foot doctors are also known as podiatrists

How many podiatrists are in the United States?

In the United States, there are approximately 14,000 licensed podiatrists. A podiatrist specializes in the medical treatment of the ankle and foot. A podiatrist also provides surgical care of the foot and ankle.

What doctor is synonymous with footwear and foot care?

A Podiatrist is a specialist in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the foot and lower limb. Podiatrists can treat many common foot conditions and can also specialise in subjects such as Nail Surgery and Biomechanics.

Will using sandbags as weights on your ankles improve your speed?

if you use them daily but it may also damage your ankles.

What does Fermentas specialize in making?

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Start in a Rewarding Career as a Podiatrist?

Do you love the feeling of really making a difference in people’s lives? Are you interested in starting a lifelong career in a job you love? Then read on. More than ever, Americans are making the effort to be more active. So, it is more important than ever that they get the treatment they need so they can stay on their feet. Podiatrists do just that. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, entry-level jobs in podiatry are expected to grow better than average over the next decade. In addition, podiatrists are among the top earners in the healthcare industry, averaging wages of $113,560 in 2008. Most podiatrists work in solo practices, however doctors can expect to earn even better working in partnered practices. Podiatrists are doctors of the feet and lower legs. They help correct a variety of conditions, diseases, and injuries. Some of the disorders podiatrists are able to treat are • Foot corns • Calluses • Ingrown toenails • Bunions • Heel spurs • Arch issues In addition, podiatrists are needed for healing ankle and foot injuries for athletes, and for treating lower body complaints for sufferers of diabetes and other diseases. In order to treat these various problems, podiatrists utilize prescription drugs, physical therapy techniques, and surgical procedures. Podiatrists may also prescribe special shoe inserts for patients. Podiatrists also use a variety of advanced medical technology to diagnose and treat patient conditions. A force plate, or scanner, may be used that can read pressure points and weight distribution as a patient walks on it. In addition, podiatrists periodically use X-rays and laboratory tests in patient care. Podiatrists are often self-employed, and many run their own small businesses. They may be in charge of hiring and supervising employees, as well as ordering supplies and keeping business records. Additionally, some work to educate and inform the community, through advertisement, about the benefits of proper foot care. Podiatrists require licensing by national and state organizations, and typically undergo 3 to 4 years of undergraduate education as well as 4 years of podiatric training at the graduate level. Graduates must then pass examinations to begin work in podiatry.

Do you get pain in your ankles from fibromyalgia?

do you get pain in your ankles from fibromyalgia -yes, all the time. I also have it in my back, legs, feet, arms, and I get migranes.

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It really depends on what you have been doing with your ankle, I can tell you for a matter of fact that my ankle is green. I would assume that is normal to most people also because I don't think blue ankles are normal. Green ankles have also been proven as the ankles of royals. Although I have heard that the queen has blue ankles. Thankyou, Troll

What does an otolaryngologist treat?

Also known as otorhinolaryngologists, ENT doctors, ENT surgeons, or head and neck surgeons, the doctors who specialize in this area treat diseases associated with the ear, nose, throat, or base of the skull, and for the surgical management of cancers and benign tumors of the head and neck.

What would cause a rash on feet and ankles only?

Illnesses that cause a body rash and swollen feet ankles are lupus, chicken pox, and viral arthritis. Kidney disease can also have these symptoms.

Can you get diabetic ulcers on other parts of your body besides feet?

yes they can also be in the ankles

What is a multiple animal vet?

Most veterinarians in private practice treat several species; they are classified based upon the most prevalent species they treat. A small animal veterinarian treats primarily cats and dogs, although some may also provide services for other pets and companion animals. Large animal veterinarians treat livestock including cows, sheep, goats, pigs, llamas and alpacas. Equine veterinarians specialize in strictly horses, although some will also treat other livestock.