Do Protestants believe in hell

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Q: Do Protestants believe in hell
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What did the Protestants and Catholics believe of hell?

catholics believe that you can be prayed out of hell, and that you wait in pergatory. no

What does protestant believe about life and death?

Most Protestants believe in Heaven & Hell, but, no Purgatory.

Do Catholics believe that Protestants are going to hell?

No i dont think they do :/ they believe what protestants believe and what they are is wrong but no catholic wishes anyone to go to hell Catholics believe that anyone whok lives a life of goodness and does not reject God may go to heaven. We live in the hope that all are saved.

What religions believe in hell fire?

The religions that believe in this particular entity all fall under the umbrella of Christianity. For example, Roman Catholics and Protestants both believe in this.

Do Protestants believe that Jesus was the son of God?

Yes, protestants believe Jesus is the son of God. Protestants are Christians and all Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah.

What do protestants believe that Christians don't?

Protestants are Christians.

Do they believe in hell?

Do Jehovah Witnesses believe in hell

Do protestants believe in science?


Do protestants believe that you have to be saved?

Protestants WANT to be saved and know that if we believe in Jesus Christ, our souls WILL be saved and with him throughout infinity

Why did catholics and protestants fight over religion?

The protestants do not believe in the Pope as well as Mary.

Did protestants believe in good works?

Protestants did indeed believe in good works. However, they did not believe one could earn forgiveness through good works alone.

Do protestants believe in original sin?


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