Do Queens pass gas like everyday citizens?

Yes they do. They are still human like us.

Of course they do! The queen is just an everyday person, like you or me, with all the poshness and finger-sandwiches (crusts cut off!!) thrown in.

They are called Noble Gases and go right to the very top of the greenhouse gas collection.

Yes, but they do smell like roses.

One day the queen passed gas loudly while having her dinner. She turned to the servant standing near her and said, "Stop that, Jeeves!"

Jeeves said, "Yes, ma'am. Which way did it go?"

One day the queen was riding with a visiting dignitary in her coach pulled by a couple of fine horses. One of the horses passed gas very loudly.

The queen looked at her visitor and said, "I must apologize!"

The visitor replied, "Why, your majesty. I thought it was the horse!"

yes b/c i just farted and i am the queen of the world!!