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In book 5, Sabrina and Daphne go to the future through a hole in time and meet their future selves. They find out that Puck grew up so he could be with Sabrina and he married her. When Puck meets his future self later, and his future self tells the younger Puck that he will have to take care of Sabrina because she will be important to him in the future. He's not happy about growing up.

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When does Sabrina start liking Puck in the Sisters Grimm books?

puck kisses Sabrina in the third book but she starts to like the kiss in the third book. I haven't read the fifth book yet but I'm guessing she really starts to like him in the fifth book.

Do uck and Sabrina have any kids in the sisters grimm?

If they do, it won't be during the series. Maybe at the end of the last book there will be an epilouge about their future. They are still 12 you know! amybe in the future like in the fifth book.

Does Puck like Sabrina in the sisters grimm books?

Well, duh! He loves her! In the first book, he moves in with the Grimm family--which he could have done at any time, but which he only does after Sabrina moves to Ferryport Landing.In the second book, Mr Canis tells Puck, "Love will be the end of you, fairy boy." Puck blushes and glances at Sabrina. In the third book, he kisses her. In the fourth book, he chooses her--and not his fiancée, as the person he trusts most. In the fifth book, Sabrina learns that she and Puck get married in the future. Also, Puck gets taller and his voice starts to crack, because he's getting older. In the sixth book, Puck handcuffs himself to Sabrina and, later, tells her that he thinks she's pretty. In the seventh book, it turns out he really cares what Sabrina thinks of him, and when she almost dies, he feels really scared and guilty at the same time. Need I go on?

Get fifth gym badge in red version?

the fifth badge is from Sabrina in Saffron City.

In the fifth book of the Sisters Grimm series does Puck go through puberty to grow up?

yes i believe he is in that one...he starts to get taller as daphne pointed out, and his voice starts to crack which he's not to happy about.

What is the fifth gym in pokemon leafgreen?

the 5th gym is saffron gym with sabrina!

How do the others find out about Puck and Sabrina in the Sisters Grimm books?

Puck and Sabrina have never been romantic (or in Puck's case charmingly unromantic) in private. They had mild flirtations even before book three (The Problem Child). Daphane "finds out" when she and Sabrina go to the future in book five (Magic and Other Misdemeanors) and find that Sabrina and Puck are married there. And I suspect that the rest of the family caught on even before Puck and Sabrina did . . . mr. canis knows in the second book. he tells puck love will be the end of him and looks at Sabrina. Sabrina acknowledges hes cute in the second book. puck kisses her in thethird book and she punches him. in the fourth book we find out puck trusts Sabrina more than anyone else and befoe moth poisons here she tells pucks cocoon that shes glad it was him who she shared her first kiss with. at the end of the book they have a heart to heart about his dead father. in the fifth book charming, daphne, and Sabrina find out they are married. future puck tells present puck Sabrina will become more important to him. in the sixth book puck show he cares for her well being and actually wants her to do the right thing. he handcuffs them together to make sure she stays out of trouble. he then admits he thinks shes pretty but then insults her to cover up.

Where can 'Magic and Other Misdemeanors' be read in e-book form?

The fifth Sisters Grimm book, Magic and Other Misdemeanors, cannot be read online for free legally.It can be purchased as an eBook. See the related links.

How do you get into the fifth gym in FireRed?

Saffron City Gym Leader: SabrinaTo battle Sabrina, you must defeat the Silph Co. challenge and have beaten the leader of the fighting Dojo.

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What do you do after you get the fifth badge in Pokemon FireRed?

You go to Saffron City, go to the Silph Co., take out Giovanni, then beat Sabrina

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What is the fifth gym leader on Pokemon LeafGreen?

the 5th gym leader is Sabrina she uses phsycic Pokemon shes quite easy

What city do you get the fifth badge on Pokemon FireRed?

The 5th gym is in saffron city and that is Sabrina the phychc type, if you didn't know that then you are a moron

Where do you find the fifth gym leader in Pokemon leaf green?

the fifth gym leader is Koga which is in fuchia city or you can switch the order and challenge Sabrina in saffron city but you have to beat Giovanni in the silph co.

How many sisters grim books are there after the fifth omg?

I believe there is currently one book after the fifth, then there is another book set to be released May 1, 2009.

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In Pokemon Blue where is the fifth gym?

The fifth gym is in Saffron City. You cannot get inside the city unless you give them water that you can buy from a vending machine in Celadon City. The leader of the gym is Sabrina and she uses Psychic type Pokemons.

Who is the sixth gym leader on Pokemon Red?

Sabrina, the psychic gym leader. She is located in Saffron City just after beating Koga, the fifth gym leader.

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