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Do Seventh-day Adventists believe that Jesus has been born?

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Yes, Seventh-Day Adventists believe that Jesus has been born. The Seventh-day Adventist church bases itself solely on The Bible, and the Bible only, so yes, we do believe that Jesus was a divine Being who decided to come to this earth, which is hell compared to life up there, and be born as a baby to a poor family to begin his mission of salvation. Anwser Yes we do. I say we do because i am in the religion and they believe he was born and that he is already in the sky and he is going to come back for the people who had faith in him and believed in him

2009-01-25 18:33:53
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Q: Do Seventh-day Adventists believe that Jesus has been born?
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What percentage of Seventh-day Adventists believe in Ellen White?

The number of Adventists who believe in Ellen White must be fairly large, especially since the church as an institution holds her in high regard. It would not be surprising if the number were lower in the US than in other countries, for example, but it is safe to say that most Adventists outside the US believe in her. I would guess that the worldwide percentage is somewhere around 85% or more. Many Adventists would be surprised by the question, assuming that all Adventists believe in her. Many have been brought to the church through her writings. Critics and skeptics of her within the church have always been in the minority. Another answer: The percentage of Seventh-Day Adventists who believe in Ellen White is less than 20%.

In what other city do scholars believe it is possible that Jesus could have been born?

Christian scholars believe Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Has Ty Pennington been baptized in Jesus Name?

I believe he has.

Does Judaism believe that Jesus was the son of God?

No. Judaism sees Jesus as having been a regular human being and does not believe in the concept of a son of God.

What did most Christians believe Jesus to have been?

we belive that jesus IS our savor and lord. the only way to heaven.

What do Jews say about Jesus?

Jews believe that Jesus was not a messiah and at most, would have been a false prophet.

Why do you personally believe that Jesus is truly the Son of God?

the bible has been researched and jesus existed, we believe our history books which we were not here to verify so why would you not believe a book (the bible).

How many people believe in the virgin birth of Jesus?

Most Christians believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, although a small number, including some theologians, believe that this is unlikely to have been true. Non-Christians, a majority of the world's population, do not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus.

Jews and Jesus?

Jews and Jesus have very little to do with each other, despite Jesus having been born Jewish. See:Why didn't the Jews believe in Jesus?

What is a person that believes in Jesus but not god?

How can you believe in Jesus, but not in God? Where do You think Jesus came from? Who do you think he was praying to, while hanging on the cross? If you believe in Jesus, surely you believe in what is written in the Bible? God created man kind- everything. The is no way that everything could just have been created by evolution. Jesus is our Saviour, God is our Father.

Who are the people who believe in Jesus Christ have been baptized in him and follow his teachings?

People who follow the teachings of Jesus are called Christians.

How did Jesus become a Christ?

Christians believe that Jesus was and is Christ from the beginning of time. Unlike a human being becoming a Bodhisattva, Christians believe there is and only has been one Christ.

Do Hindus believe in Jesus?

Since they believe that God had Been Incarnated numerous times, some of them do believe that is possible that Jesus Is an Incarnation Of God. However, their view of Him would still be much different than what Christianity teaches about Him.

Who is the community of people who believe in Jesus Christ have been baptized in him and follow his teachings?

Christians; or as some people say...Jesus Followers

Have you ever been saved?

No, and as I in no way believe in the existence of God or Jesus, I never will be either.

What religion does not believe that Jesus Christ has been born yet?

Judaism- or those who are Jewish

Do Christians and Jews have the same beliefs about Jesus?

No. Christians believe that the Lord Jesus is the Messiah, while Jews do not. Jews pray to God only. They believe that the Messiah has yet to come, rather than that he has been here before in the person of Jesus.

Do Seventh-day Adventists eat salmon?

The only 'rule' about the consumption of any type of fish is that it has scales and fins. There are no other specific rules about salmon or any other type of fish. Because salmon have these two characteristics, they are considered "clean" and can be eaten by Seventh-day Adventists (though a vegetarian diet is recommended).Many Seventh-day Adventists believe that salmon is a food that is regularly affected by cross-contamination and other foodborne related pathogens.Whilst this myth has been proven incorrect in recent times, a large amount of Seventh-day Adventists are firm believers, despite this popular chain of thought.**********************************************************************Cross-contamination can occur between any types of food, not just salmon, and this has been proved to be true and not only Seventh-day Adventists believe it.Yes, and any fish that have scales.

Do you believe in God Almighty and Jesus Christ the living God?

A:No. I believe that Jesus of Nazareth might have been a historical person but, if so, he did not perform miracles and is not divine. I take the Thomas Jefferson position on this.

Why does Christianity believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah?

it is believed like this cause Jesus was the only God who died for his people and has been like a Saviour for Christianity ********** It is all a question of faith. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, then Jesus Christ is the Messiah. If you don't believe, then he isn't the Messiah, as far as you are concerned. Or, if like me, you are an Atheist, then it is all rather irrelevant.

Who does not believe in Jesus?

While most people believe that Jesus was probably a real, historical person who preached to the Jews during the early first century CE, many do not believe that he was divine or that he was the Son of God. Jews believe that he was a preacher, among the many who wandered through Galilee and Judea during Roman times. Muslims believe that he was an important prophet. Hindus respect Jesus for his teachings, but do not believe that he was divinely inspired. And so on. Atheists also do not believe in Jesus, except that he may have been a first century preacher.

Are Seventh-day Adventists cult like?

The word cult is used to imply movements that do not fall in line with the beliefs and practices of the mainline churches. Even Jesus would have been considered a cult leader in his day by the Jews because he taught something contrary to the established norms and traditions of the Jews. Adventist share common beliefs with the mainline churches such as Salvation by grace only, baptism by immersion, Trinity, bible only etc. Although Adventists do differ in certain teachings such as on soul sleep, no eternal torment, the literal second coming of Christ with the mainline protestants today, however these were doctrines well shared and believed by the early protestants during the reformation times in the middle ages. Therefore Adventists have much more in common with the historic protestantism than the current mainline churches who really have diverted away from the historical protestantism. The doctrines unique to Adventists are the Investigative judgment and Spirit of prophesy (Ellen White) and Adventists believe that they have support from scriptures to hold to such teachings. Adventists are NOT a cult. Cults are exclusive, Adventists are not exclusive, etc.

What do Mormons believe so strong?

Mormons believe that the church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth by Jesus Christ himself and that the church is led by Jesus Christ through living prophets and apostles. Mormons believe in the bible but the church is directed by revelation from God. Mormons believe that they can know the truth of this and be personally led by their own personal revelation.

Who was the first Jesus?

While there may be many with the name of Jesus, Christians believe there was one Jesus who is the Messiah. Others believe there are multiple messiahs, and thus, more than one. According to a show, a man named Simon proclaimed that he was a messiah, and would have been the first.

In which century Jesus was born?

Christians believe that Jesus was born during the reign of Herod the Great, who died in 4 BCE. Thus, Jesus would have been born in the first century BCE.