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Yes without a doubt they work, but depending on your situation. First let me explain how solar blankets work. The blanket is tinted blue and has air pockets it looks like the bubble packing material that everyone loves to pop, but you cannot pop this material because it is between 8-12 mils thick. The blanket is designed to do 2 things, first is heat the pool water by absorbing sunlight that heats the blanket. The water in turn cools the blanket. As this occurs the heat of the blanket is exchanged with the pool water. The more sunlight the pool gets the faster the pool will heat. On average with full sun you can expect a degree a day so in about 7-10 days you will have about a 10-degree increase. The other thing a solar blanket does is trap heat in the pool water. At night when it gets cool the pool water will begin to condense out of the pool that is the fog you see rising from the pool, this draws the heat out of the water. The solar blanket bocks this from happening so all that heat you built up will stay in the pool. So you get the heating during the day (the solar part of the equation) and you get the thermal protection at night (the blanket part of the equation). If you don't get much sun on the pool the blanket will not heat the pool. So the bottom line is no sun on the pool no heating effect from the blanket. Sun on the pool for at least 5+ hours you will get heat! If you have a heater on the pool, regardless of they type of heater, you will want a solar blanket to trap the heat in the pool. If you are using gas or electric heat the blanket should cut your heating cost in half. If you are using a solar panel you will need it to trap the heat in other wise you may not be able to maintain the temperature when it gets real cold. == Solar Cover Yes not only do they keep heat in your water they keep chemicals in also. During hot days they do heat the water. HOWEVER, in my opinion depending on how large your pool is you may find that dealing with this giant piece of bubble wrap is just too much work. The pool is supposed to be fun and I must say rolling it out, rolling it back up took so much work for me it just wasn't worth it.

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Q: Do Solar Blankets really work
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The pic associated with this answer has nothing to do with a Solar Cover or Solar Blanket. It looks as if these are solar panels for electricity. Solar blankets look like a stronger version of bubble wrap. Their primary purpose when they are laid on the water (bubble side down) is to keep whatever warmth the pool water has in it from escaping into the cooler air at night. They are usually a light blue or clear in color. Clear allows more sunlight into the pool to heat the water better.

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