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Do Troy and Gabriela kiss?

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yes they do in real life

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Has troy and Gabriela had kissed?

Yes, they have. Six times, too! Their first kiss was actually 3 kisses (HSM2) and in HSM3 they were pretty much making out!

Does troy kiss sharpay?

well yes troy does kiss sharpay

Troy has kissed Gabriela?

Yes, many times.

How old is Gabriela Montes?

gabriela montes is really 26 years oldshe dosent love troy

What happens between Troy and Gabriela at the end of HSM 3?


What class does troy and gabriela have together in high school musical1?


Is troy and Gabriela from the movie high school musical are husband and wife?


Why does Gabriela leave troy in high school musical 3?

we dont know that she does

Why is Gabriela saying goodbye to troy?

because hes a tweener because hes a tweener

Did Sharpay kiss Troy before he met Gabriella?


Are Gabriela and Troy really getting married or are they just say that to get a lot of attention with that real ring but do they really mean when Troy gave a purposal?

shockingly yes, they are getting married march 16 2009

Who is the girl that kiss William Beckett at about a girl video by the academy is?

Her name is Maria Gabriela de Farias, she is a Venezuelan actress. I am pretty sure: despite of the similar face, she is not Maria Gabriela. I'm tryng to find out who is that girl.

How does troy get to the musical on time?

Do you mean the callbacks? If so, Taylor and Gabriela mess with the signals and screw up the score board and lighting. The principle anounces that there has been some technical difficulties and that the game will be re-scheduled. Then Troy RUNS!!!

Will Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu kiss in HSM 3?

maybe but usally troy and Gabriella

Real name of troy?

his name is zac efron he is so hot i wat to kiss him xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Do Troy and Gabriella kiss in high school musical 3?

Yes they do close to the end of the movie

How many times do troy and gabrrella kiss in high school musical 1?

never. not once.

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