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Do Tse tse flies carry viruses?

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yes the most common that they carry is in a parisite that they carry. it is sleeping sickness.

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Which insects carry the deadly disease malaria?

tse tse flies

Where are tse tse flies from?


Do tse-tse flys carry viruses?

Yes, they do. It is called a Sleeping sickness or African Trypanosiomasis. It is caused by Trypanosoma brucei gambiense carried by the tsetse flies. I study Microbiology so let me know if you need more info about this.

What disease is carried mostly by flies?

Malaria is carried mostly by the Tse-tse-fly.

When was Tse Tse Fly - band - created?

Tse Tse Fly - band - was created in 1988.

What rhymes with symbolize?

Immortalize, revitalize, fireflies, otherwise, economize, horseflies, tse tse flies, dragonflies, conceptualize, demonize,

How is a tse-tse fly dangerous?

The fly itself isn't dangerous, but it's often a carrier of nasty viruses, which can be passed on to humans and do some damage.

Is there a insect that starts with a t?

a tse-tse fly

What is the scientific name for tse tse fly?


How do you pronounce tse tse fly?


What is the vector of trypanosoma brucei?

Tse tse fly

What is tse Williams to kiely Williams?

Tse williams She is her sister.

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What is Japanese 'tse' in English?

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Which fly is the vector of disease sleeping sickness?

Tse tse fly

Which insect spreads sleeping sickness?

Tse-Tse Fly by 05doye4682

How does a tse-tse fly protect itself?

A tse-tse fly has the ability to bite its predator as a way of protecting itself. These insects have been known to cause serious illnesses in humans when they do bite them.

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