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Do Yorkshire Terriers shed?

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No, they do not shed and are great for allergy sufferers.

They do shed some, but in reality, I probably shed more than my dog does! If you're Allergies are extremely sensitive, they do make a brush that has little tiny razor-cutters in it that help to remove a lot of the hair that he could possibly works!!! They have it at also makes the Yorkies hair SUPER soft!!! It's also great for dogs with a lot of hair during the Florida summers.

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What types of dog don't shed?

Yorkshire terriers, poodles, and some poodle mixes

Do Yorkshire Terriers grow bigger?

No, Yorkshire Terriers are small sized dogs.

Is there a raterrier in Nintendogs?

No, but you can get a Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkshire Terriers are similar to Rat Terriers.

Do beagle terriers shed?

Beagles are not terriers, but yes they shed.

Are Yorkshire Terriers vocal?

Yes, they are terriers.

Do Yorkshire terriers get along with people?

Most Yorkshire Terriers get along fine with adults and children.

Do Yorkshire terriers kill kittens?

No, Yorkshire Terriers do not kill kittens.

Where did the Yorkshire terrrier come from?

Yorkshire Terriers come from Yorkshire in England.

Where do Yorkshire Terriers come from?

They come from Yorkshire, England.

What is the Yorkshire terriers country or origin?

Yorkshire, England.

Do Yorkshire terrier drool?

no yorkshire terriers do not drool

Which is cuter Pomeranians or Yorkshire terriers?

Yorkshire terriers! ALL the way!!!! But pomeranians are cute but yorkies are better!

Do Yorkshire terriers have an undercoat?


How tall is a Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire terriers are 9 inches.

How many types of Yorkshire Terriers are there?

One. The Yorkshire terrier.

How did the Yorkshire terrier get its name?

Yorkshire terriers got their name by where they were developed ( Yorkshire,England)

Where can you buy Yorkshire terriers?

You can buy Yorkshire terriers from your local breeders, they can be found in newspapers. or you can go to a shelter and adopt one.

Do male Yorkshire Terriers or female Yorkshire Terriers cost more?

The female because of her being able to give birth

When do Yorkshire Terriers stop growing?

when do yorkshire teriers stop growing

Where are Yorkshire terriers native from?

Just a guess? Are they from Yorkshire? Hope I helped ?

Are raccoons afraid of Yorkshire terriers?


Do Border Terriers Shed?

Yes, Border Terriers do shed, but more in warm weather. Poodles are one of the few breeds that don't shed.

Do terriers and toy poodles shed?

well , terriers would shed the odd time , and I know for sure toy poodles to NOT shed at all ,

Do Yorkshire terriers bite?

Yorkshire terriers do bite when they are teething as puppy"s but when they are older and if your a good trainer to tell them not to then your yorkie will not bite.

Do staffordshire terrier shed?

Yes, all Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and Pit Bull Terriers shed. Breeds that don't shed are breeds such as Poodles and Shih Tzu's.