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One of the first things that disappears with advancing intoxication is the ability to make good decisions. Combine that with the stubborn streak that often develops as the censorship portion of the brain becomes anesthetized, and all sorts of ill-considered things are liable to happen.

Several answers:

1. It is not fun to drink and drive. I lost my father to teens that had been drinking and driving. It is not fun it is just stupid! please take my advice and DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!

2. People drink and drive because they don't know any better, they are drunk. Once they get something in their head and they want to go do something their going to go do it until someone takes their keys to stop them. Many people don't realize what they are doing and that is why they do stupid things because they are dumb.

3. Sometimes there is a distinct attitude of: 'Accidents only happen to other people' and 'it is just this once so I will be fine because I just want to xyz and then I will go right home.' As if you can bargain away the possibility of an accident. This sort of magical thinking is typical throughout the life of an alcoholic not just in terms of drunk driving, though that may be where it is most noticeable.

4. Some people actually insist they are better drivers when drunk, despite all evidence to the contrary, because their perception of their abilities changes as well.

Another thought:

Most people drink cause they have a lot of stress and violence in there life they really don't have any thing else to do. Drinking is the only excitement in the persons life and then they drive and have no coordination and balance and they also get HATEFUL!!!

i lost my mother and father in a car accident that involved drinking.

i also lost my ps3 whilst in a car drunk
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Q: Do a lot of people drink and drive?
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