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Not shave, most women when they want to go to the beach, and they need to shave their pubic hair, they would most likely just get a bikini wax instead. Shaving will save money, but when you put underwear or a swimsuit on it is very uncomfortable.

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Q: Do a lot of women shave their pubic hair?
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Do a lot of women shave their vaginae?

A lot of women shave their pubic hair. They don't shave the vagina itself, since that is inside the body. The reasons they shave their pubic hair vary. Some like it, and others do it for their partners.

Is it right to shave pubic hair?

Yes. It is completely normal, but for girls only. if your a male never shave your pubic hair, basically shaving your pubic hair is like shaving your legs (again girls) most people need to do it. Men shave their pubic hair too. They feel it is hygienic and a lot of women like it too. It is not right or wrong to shave this personal area; it is really up to you or what you like to do for your partner.

How much pubic hair should girls shave?

herman this should help you IK u love uresled some hair

You are a male does shaving your pubic hair and underarms make you feminine?

i shave my pubic hair a lot so of course its not feminie

What do i do when i have anal pubic hair is that normal or should i just shave it will it come back?

Yes, it is normal. A lot of people have anal pubic hair.

Is it normal or a 17 year old to want to shave his pubic hair?

Yes, completely normal, there is nothing wrong with a little manscaping, just trying to things to see how they go, in fact a lot of women prefer intercourse with a man without pubic hair.

Why does pubic hair grow around your anus?

Pubic hair just "IS", there isn't any "why" about it. Everybody has a different pattern of pubic hair. Some have a lot, some have a little. If you don't like it, you can trim it, shave it, pluck it, wax it (this can sting - a LOT....) or use a chemical depilatory.

Is it gay to shave your armpit hair and pubic?

Shaving itself never makes your gay. Most women and many adult males shave their pubic hair. Most guys don't start until 17-18 because their peers haven't started. I know I shaved my pubes at 13 just to see how it looked. It was in the summer however, so I had time to let it grow back. No, it's not 'gay' to shave your pubic or armpit hair. Many women like a man that's shaved, as it's normally seen to be a lot cleaner.

Do you have too much pubic hair?

Everyone has pubic hair. It might seem that you have a lot, but it's probably pretty average. You can shave it or trim it the same as ordinary hair, but, of course, it will grow back again.

I'm 15 and dont have a lot of pubic hair but I have a lot of hair elsewhere. Why dont I have bushy pubic hair around my crotch?

sometimes most people get pubic hair near their private place before others and for like women it's very common for a young women to develop breasts before her peers

Do most women like having a lot of pubic hair?

Nopeee :P

Is it safe to shave your pubic hair?

It's safe to shave pubic hair but not especially healthy.As well as being a sign of sexual maturity pubic hair helps to protect the genitals from irritation, damage, and dirt which can lead to infections. Pubic hair also helps to protect from some STD's due to reduction in direct skin-to-skin contact during sex. Shaving can cause a lot of irritation and damage to the hair, as the blunt hair grows back in as well as irritating it can lead to ingrown hairs which can become infected, also cysts are more common in people who shave their pubic hair.

Should a man shave his balls?

Hi! You don't have to shave down there, it's simply a choice you make. Shaving your pubic hair isn't 'gay', for as a matter of fact it tends to feel (and look) a lot better. However, if you were to shave the hair to an extremely short length, this could prove itself as a problem. Pubic hair is designed to aerate the region and dissipate moisture; and if there is little to none there, well, you get the idea. But yeah! Go for it, guy!

How do you deal with a lot of pubic hair?

Groom it, most women and men do on occasion when it gets out of hand.

Do women have more pubic hair than men?

yes they do a lot more

Is it common for women to shave their pubic hair?

Yes it is very common. Most women shave because they feel embarrassed or they feel it isn't very attractive, so shave away. What I do is that I use Veet on the places with a lot of hair, then I shave around the hole of the vagina so it won't get in there and burn. :) And don't worry about razor bumps around your bikini line if you just shave it, it's common also, but very annoying! Oh, and alcohol doesn't help, it just burns!! I suggest bikini zone for that.

Should a 15 year old girl shave her vagina pubic hair compleatly?

That is a personal choice; however, it is a lot of itching and pain to go through if there isn't a really, really good reason to shave.

Im confused about what to do with pubic hair?

Well, a lot of people just leave it there. It doesn't have too much a purpose, like most hair on the body. If you want, you could remove it. Many people who gte rid of their pubic hair shave it off. Otherwise, waxing is also really popular.

Is it normal to shave your pubic hairs?

I would exactly say it is abnormal. A lot of people just "let it go" or trim with scissors. Some people prefer to shave, wax or nair it! It is strictly up to you and how you prefer your pubic hair. Just be careful when shaving and be sure to use plenty of shaving cream!

How much pubic hair do 14 year old boys usually have?

This generally depends on the boy! I have 2 boys and they were totally different, there is no normal amount! It could be none or it could be a lot!Answer:My penis is small, and I had a reasonable amount of pubic hair. However, I don't really care because I shave my pubic hair but don't worry about a thing you may get loads of hair but there is a possibility you may have no hair and personally, I think when I shave off my pubic hair I think its cool.Answer:I started getting pubes by about age 12; most of my classmates in the gym class locker room didn't have any yet. Even at 14, several of my classmates didn't have any pubic hair.

You are 14 and have a lot of pubic hair that grows out three inches and your arm pit hair is the same which is embarrassing going out in a sleeveless top what can you do?

Shave it off. If you want to keep it you could also just trim it.

Im a 13 year old boy and should you shave your pubic hair and if so how would you do that?

hey I'm 13 also and i think i have a lot of pubic hair also. first of all you should be Proud of your pubic hair and not want to shave. as for how to shave it i guess just do it like how you shave your mustache (shaving cream razor etc.) hoped this helped -i am also 13, and personally, i shave. it makes it look bigger. and yah, definatly use a lot of shaving cream, and obviously a razor... but electric razors are usually better. - I am 13, i was ganna shave my pube hair but decided just to trim cause i like a little hair. Its alot easier than shaving, just grab some scissors and trim away. I am 13 and I shaved my pubes alot -I am 12 years old and i shave my pubes i just grab some shaving cream and of course a razor i perfer electronic ones and it makes it look a lot bigger and my girl friend loves it every time and always use after shave or it will feel all weird so yeah

Is it better to have shaved or hairy vagina?

It depends on what they want. If i were you, I would shave but leave a little strip of hair in the middle. Shaved makes guys more attracted.Don't shave it all off, it's there for a reason. It's so the area don get too warm and more inviting for infections.It should be up to the women what she feels comfortable with. As a 63-year-old man, I really get turned onto women with pubic hair. I really like playing with it, licking it, and putting my face right in it. I even like to penetrate her with a lot of pubic hair.

If you have a lot of hair on your legs does that mean you have pubic hair?

Not always, some people get hairy legs before they develop pubic hair. Pubic hair starts to grow during puberty.

How should you shave pubic hair for guys?

Use lots and lots of soap/lather or shave cream (but whatever you use, use a very mild product). Thoroughly wet the area in a warm shower or bath for 10-15 minutes. Then, using a fresh, clean sharp razor blade, gently shave. A lot of men grow a bit of pubic hair on the actual shaft of the penis, in which case it can be easier to shave it if the man has an erection. The scrotum can be shaved as well as long as you pull the skin taut as you shave it. Act very slowly and cautiously to avoid nicks.

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Do a lot of women shave their vaginae?

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